Katie Price Confirms Split Following Fiance's Expletive Rant

The UK model and TV personality says she is no longer in a relationship with Carl Woods after days of rumors which led to his foul-mouthed rant online.

AceShowbiz - Katie Price is single, confirming she has parted ways with fiance Carl Woods. On Thursday (11.08.22) after days of rumours, the former glamour model, 44, broke the news to a fan with a one-word TikTok comment.

Katie left a simple "No" when one of her followers commented on a video of her son Harvey, 20, going to work at his grandfather's fencing company, and asked, "You still with Carl x?"

The comment comes days after 33-year-old Carl, launched into a tirade on Instagram in which he denied he and Katie had split and claimed he was "the best f****** fella she's ever had."

Rumours had been rife the pair had broken up after it was reported that the mother-of-five publicly announced their romance is over while enjoying a boozy night out.

Carl angrily declared earlier this month the pair were still together and raged he was on a "frontline." Filming at Katie's house, he said, "All of you are full of s***."

Panning his camera to Katie, he added, "Look, here she is. I'm still at the f****** house. All this, 'Oh we want her shot of him.' Why don't you all just f*** off?... so no, we haven't broke up, I'm still at her house so f*** off with your b******* because you know nothing and you pretend."

He went on, "I'm tired, I'm absolutely tired of being tarnished to be this bad person - and yes I am ranting, because you know what? I've suffered months and months and months with it: 'Oh she's unhappy with him, she's unhappy with him.' "

"I'm the one that's been made a mug of all the time, no one else, and I suffer and I help so f*** off."

Katie sparked split rumours this week when she was pictured without her engagement ring in a family photo without Carl. She also came off social media for "personal reasons." It was then claimed that she has been telling people that she is single, reportedly going on a solo night out and discussing her love life with onlookers.

A source told The Sun, "Katie was letting her hair down and telling people that her engagement with Carl was over."

In a statement on her Instagram earlier this month, Katie said, "I will be coming off all social media for a period of time. I need to take time off for personal reasons. Thank you to all my loyal fans for always supporting me xxx."

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