Claudia Schiffer Used to Eat 'Spaghetti Bolognese' Every Day

The 51-year-old model used to eat the pasta 'with organic plum tomatoes, beef mince, onions, garlic, red wine and a bit of ketchup' every day when she was a little girl because she didn't eat enough.

AceShowbiz - Claudia Schiffer used to eat spaghetti bolognese every day. The 51-year-old model's mom used to worry her daughter didn't eat enough, so made her visit the doctor, who advised simply serving her favourite meals more frequently, and Claudia still loves the classic dish to this day.

"My earliest food memory is of spaghetti bolognese. When I was a little girl, my mother worried about me not eating enough," she recalled. "Our doctor advised making it every day because I liked it and it is still a favourite dish. I cook it with organic plum tomatoes, beef mince, onions, garlic, red wine and a bit of ketchup."

"My most memorable dinner of the 1990s was at Valentino's house in Italy. I remember eating spaghetti pomodoro thinking 'This is a meal from heaven'," she said. Claudia has branched out to try some other food since then and revealed being introduced to Marmite by husband Matthew Vaughn was a pleasant surprise and she is now "obsessed" with the spread.

She told Britain's Harper's Bazaar magazine, "I'll never forget the first time I had Marmite on toast with a cup of sugary PG Tips. I'm German and the salty-yeast flavour of the Marmite was utterly alien. When I met my husband Matthew, he suggested that I hadn't tried it the 'right' way; thinly spread on buttered sourdough toast. I am now obsessed."

Claudia recently lamented the way fashion photography has changed since the 1990s. She said, "Everything was shot on film and tests were in the form of Polaroids to gauge light, composition, and colour. Today, the edit happens on the screen and imagery can be consumed instantly via social media."

"In the 1990s, the magazines were like the bibles of fashion, with every cover and page eagerly dissected. Budgets were much bigger and literally a location shoot could last for over a week- so many friendships were formed on these trips."

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