Nicola Peltz Slams People Who Make Her Feel 'Bad' Amid Rumored Feud With Victoria Beckham

It's reported that the 27-year-old beauty and her mother-in-law are 'ignoring' each other on social media since she married the former Spice Girls' son Brooklyn Beckham.

AceShowbiz - Nicola Peltz seemingly has something to say. The 27-year-old has targeted people who "make you feel bad" in an emotional online post amid rumours of a feud with Victoria Beckham (Victoria Adams).

Nicola took to Instagram to open up about her recent feelings, after it was highlighted the actress and her new mother-in-law Victoria, 48, have reportedly "ignored" each other on social media since she married the ex-Spice Girls's son Brooklyn Beckham, 23, in April.

Heiress Nicola, daughter of New York billionaire Nelson Peltz, posted an image of herself in bed wearing a black vest with a teddy bear on her chest on Saturday, August 6, with a lengthy caption in which she admitted her parents had told her to not to "let people bring her down." She said, "Sometimes I find it hard to show the sad bits of me. Growing up with seven siblings and two very strong parents, made me really tough, they hammered it into me to not let people bring me down or hurt my heart."

"It made me put such a wall up to protect myself especially in this industry. We all have days where people make you feel bad and it's okay to be hurt by it," Nicola added. "I just thought I would write something because I never show this side of me here. I wanted to show this side of me. I love you all so much and truly appreciate all of your support. It means so much when you guys are kind on my page I want you to know i see you, I hear you, and it means a lot to me."

Before Brooklyn and Nicola's £3 million wedding, she and Victoria traded praise online. The fashion designer also spoke out openly about her love for Nicola and how excited she was for her to be a part of the family. But Victoria last liked one of Nicola's posts in May and hasn't reacted to any from their recent honeymoon, while Nicola has done the same.

A family source told MailOnline, "People constantly speculate about relationships -- we don't really care as it's just silly." But another insider told the outlet the Peltz family's attitude towards "Brand Beckham' could be to blame. They said, "There is a feeling that the Peltzes rather turn their noses up at the Beckhams... the way that they do things and their celebrity profile. Meanwhile, the Peltz clan has really embraced Brooklyn. There is a feeling that Brooklyn is now all about the Peltz family and not the Beckhams."

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