Coi Leray Brushes Off Concerns After She Appears to Pass Out While Drunk in Bathtub

The 'No More Parties' raptress takes to Instagram Live to address a video that shows her intoxicated and asleep in a bathtub, with a woman tapping her to wake up.

AceShowbiz - Coi Leray doesn't need people to worry about her despite her drunk bathtub video. The "Blick Blick" hitmaker has brushed off her fans' concerns after a video surfaced of her appearing to pass out while sitting in a bathtub filled with water.

In the video which has gone viral, the 25-year-old star appeared to have had too much to drink as she sat comfortably inside the bathtub, while a woman tapped her, "Come on, come on, come on." It was reported that the clip was taken a few days ago after she was partying with a group of friends, including Megan Thee Stallion, as she was still wearing the same clothes in the bathtub video.

After the video sparked concerns among her fans, Coi posted on her Instagram Story, "It's so crazy how happy I be after I drink I see why people be alcoholics." She also commented on The Shade Room's post to address the situation, "First of alllll!!! Lmaooooo there's other videos before thissssssss lmaooo y'all alll crazy!!!" She added, "And seconddddd WE GET LITTTTTT and 3rd I always get in the tub when I'm drunk lmaoo y'all leave me alone."

That apparently wasn't enough to stop the chatter about Coi and her alarming drinking habit, forcing the raptress to turn on her Instagram Live. She first addressed a blog which lifted her up in prayer. "I see a vlog posted 'Pray for Coi Leray.' Please pray for me. I need all the prayers I can get," she said with a laugh.

Her friend appeared briefly to assure people that Coi wasn't going to drown in the tub, while the rapper admitted she had mixed 818 Tequila with Don Julio 1942 Tequila. Addressing the video, she said, "My clothes didn't come off because these b***hes is in the bathroom with me. I'm like, 'no don't touch me my n***a.' I want to be in the tub like, I'm not taking my clothes off 'cause y'all girls is here like y'all don't need to see none of this."

The daughter of Benzino went on venting her frustration over how the situation was blown up by the media. "I don't even come Live so if I gotta come on Live to talk about me getting drunk it's crazy," she said. "You don't get played when you come on my page. And I was faded and I had the best time of my life in 25 years!"

The Trendsetter then urged her mother to speak on her behalf in the clip. "Go head, ma, tell them I wasn't drunk in the tub," Coi said to her mother, who then claimed, "We have fun. That's what we do. It was all laughter and fun. Stop hating." She went on assuring, "F**k outta here, we're going to protect her 100,000 percent."

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