Shanna Moakler Vows to Support BF Matthew Rondeau After He's Hit With Domestic Violence Charges

The former Miss USA runner-up also states that she's 'not pressing charges' and that she hopes the city attorney respects her 'wishes' and drops 'everything.'

AceShowbiz - Matthew Rondeau has been charged with misdemeanor domestic violence, battery and vandalism in connection with his alleged fight with Shanna Moakler. The charges came around five months after the 29-year-old actor was arrested for allegedly getting physical with his partner during an argument. Although he and his 47-year-old partner split at the time, they are believed to have now reconciled and she doesn't want the case to go any further.

"I'm not pressing charges, I'm hoping the city attorney respects my wishes and drops everything as well," Shanna told TMZ. "I will be supporting Matthew 100%. This has disrupted our lives enough. We have both learned from this experience we never wish to have been public and we would like to move forward in a positive and peaceful manner."

Matthew was "praying" the charges be dropped because he is "an admirable person" and has been left "saddened and disgusted" with the way he has been portrayed. He said, "I haven't even spoken or made a comment because I am so saddened and disgusted with the narrative the media has portrayed me as."

"I pray that the city of L.A. allows me to show them they made the right choice on dropping all charges against me," he went on to say. "I am an admirable person, an amazing son, and a very respectable and loving partner."

In late February, Matthew posted an expletive-laden video, which has since been deleted, on Shanna's account. Shortly afterwards, the "Murder Party" star was arrested for felony domestic violence. He ranted, "I'm done. I'm never talking to this f**** specimen of a f**** human again."

"The truth is I found out that she was talking to other f**** people the whole entire time in our relationship," he went on raging, "that's the truth: That's the whole f**** truth and I didn't say a goddamn f****** thing."

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