Brandy 'Didn't Like' Being Depicted With Red Eyes in Ray-J's Tattoo Tribute to Her

Earlier this month, the 'One Wish' crooner raised eyebrows after unveiling his new body art that saw his sister's face inked on his leg with the words 'Best Friends 4 Eva' written over her face.

AceShowbiz - Brandy apparently "didn't like" Ray-J's tattoo tribute to her. The "One Wish" hitmaker recently had his sister's face inked on his leg to express his gratitude for her helping kickstart his career.

In a new interview, however, Ray admitted the "Boy Is Mine" singer doesn't like the way she was depicted with red eyes and the words "Best Friends 4 Eva: written over her face. He said, "I love my sister and that was a symbol for me saying thank you for bringing me in, if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be here, I'm humble just to have her help me. No haters, love is love, love kills hate, I love my sister, [but] she didn't like the tattoo either."

Ray isn't paying attention to his critics, including his sister, because he loves the design, which he explained was done in the tattoo artist's signature style. He told TMZ, "It's my leg, it's my sister, she was a little uneasy about it... If you check out Mashkow's past, he's one of the dopest tattooers and it's hard to get him to tattoo you. I like the tattoo. That's his style, I can't tell an artist not to put his signature on."

And the 41-year-old star insisted the artwork will make more sense when the full piece he's planning is finished. He said, "When you see my whole leg, you'll understand it, the whole leg down to my ankle."

Ray first shared a video of himself getting Brandy's face inked on his lower leg earlier this month and explained it was part of a bigger design.

He captioned the Instagram clip, "NEW @brandy TATOO BY ONE OF THE GREATEST!! @_mashkow_ - IM GETTING MY WHOLE LEG TATTED WITH- MUSIC- LOVE - SCRIPTURES - THE VOCAL BIBLE - FAMILY - GHOSTS - POSITIVE WORDS AND THEMES - REAL GOTHIC LIKE -- "THE HOLY LEG! " - GONNA TAKE A MINUTE!! But I got the best doing it !! STAY TUNED!! - FULL LEG TATT -- I had to start with my best friend!! (sic)."

The video was posted with a clip of Brandy's 1995 single "Best Friend" from her self-titled debut studio album. Brandy commented "Brooooooo" with a number of heart emojis and reshared the post on her own Instagram account.

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