Peter Andre Praises Wife Emily for Helping Him Change 'Old School' Parenting Style
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The 'Mysterious Girl' crooner reveals that his wife of 7 years has helped him adopt a better balance when dealing with his two teenage kids from previous marriage to Katie Price.

AceShowbiz - Peter Andre has credited his wife Emily with helping him change his "old school" parenting style. Preparing to celebrate his seventh wedding anniversary with his wife in July as well as marking 10 years since they first got together, the "Mysterious Girl" singer revealed she has helped guide him when dealing with his two teenage kids, Junior and Princess, from his previous marriage to Katie Price.

In his column for New! magazine, Pete explained Emily has helped him adopt a better balance when dealing with them. "I'm always learning from Emily … One of the things she taught me was very early on, when Princess and Junior were younger, he wrote."

"I'd say Junior could do this and that, and Princess had to be a nun and could never have a boyfriend. Emily taught me that whatever rule I gave to Junior, I had to treat all the other children the same," the 49-year-old went on explaining, before adding, "She has made me look at things differently and change my old school mentality."

In addition to Junior and Princess, Peter also shares two kids, 8-year-old Amelia and 5-year-old son Theo, together with Emily. The couple married on July 11, 2015 and Peter has revealed he's already bought his wife an anniversary present.

However, Peter is breaking with tradition as he was not keen on gifting her an item made of wool which is the material of choice for the seventh year of marriage. He added, "I was very organized with this anniversary and bought her a present two months ago. Wool is the traditional gift for seven years, but I'm not going traditional for this one."

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