Unapologetic Nicki Minaj Enrages Fans by Arriving Late at Wireless Festival

At the London music festival, chaos also erupts at the venue's entrance as some of the Barbz jump over gates and barriers to ensure they get a prime spot in the crowd.

AceShowbiz - Nicki Minaj's performance at the Wireless Festival unsurprisingly excited fans. A large number of fans attended the music festival at London's Finsbury Park on Sunday, July 10, to see their favorite, prompting a huge chaos at the venue's entrance.

According to footage from the show, the Barbz jumped over gates and barriers to ensure they got a prime spot in the crowd. Police were even called to help manage the large crowds ahead of the "Anaconda" hitmaker's performance.

Reporting the chaos, one person wrote on Twitter, "Having only the smallest opening at the singular entrance to Finsbury Park, with no regulated flow of pedestrian traffic. People being trampled and forced to climb tall gates." Another user added, "I'm genuinely starting to get worried for Nicki and people's safety ... more people keep piling up and it's very hot out there."

The drama didn't stop there. Nicki left fans fuming after starting her Wireless Festival gig 30 minutes late, making the "Super Bass" singer only perform 40 minutes of her 80-minute set. Making it worse, she had multiple technical difficulties and frequent breaks throughout her set.

It was said that the mic and monitor were not in sync, causing a distracting delay throughout the whole performance. Seemingly annoyed by the issues, Nicki allegedly asked the patient crowd, "Can you guys give me 30 seconds." The "Bang Bang" raptress later took another few minutes to change wardrobe. As she took so long, the crowd started chanting for her return as the minutes got closer to the 9.30 P.M. curfew.

"I spent so much to come to London and see Nicki this was a disappointment," a disappointed Manchester fan told Metro.co.uk. The fan further criticized Nicki for not apologizing for her tardiness, saying, "I saw [Cardi B] and she was great and bang on time. Nicki was late, barely got going, and didn't explain why she was late."

"You don't come this late and then have wardrobe changes. It's a festival. It's taking the p***!" someone else said. One person, meanwhile, tweeted, "Nicki really has to stop being late. It's unprofessional af. A lot of people are already paying Expensive tickets. Its unfair."

Another fan added, "Nicki needs to stop this thing of being late. She wants her time to be respected right? She needs to reciprocate that."

However, some other fans were more forgiving. "Nicki the Queen. She could be late to whatever, whenever," one person penned. Echoing the sentiment, someone else wrote, "I know she's late you guys but everyone there and watching the lives is gonna enjoy every moment when she arrives. It's gonna be one for the books I can feel it."

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