Sadie Sink Expresses Gratitude to Singer Kate Bush

After Kate's classic song 'Running Up That Hill' featured in a key scene for Sadie's character on 'Stranger Things', the actress admits that she wants to write a letter to the veteran singer.

AceShowbiz - Sadie Sink explains why she thinks that she "owes" Kate Bush "so much." After Kate's classic song "Running Up That Hill" featured in a key scene for Sadie's character, Max Mayfield, the 20-year-old actress admitted that she wants to write a letter to the veteran singer to say a "giant thank you" for adding "so much heart" to the latest season of "Stranger Things".

"The amount of times that I've listened to her music over the past two years is ridiculous," Sadie told Vulture. "It's gotten to the point where I feel like I've created her in my head. I need to reach out in some way. I would love to write her a letter or something, because she played such a big role in Max's journey. I owe her so much."

When asked what the letter would say, Sadie added, "A giant thank you. Not only from me, but from the character of Max and from 'Stranger Things' in general, because she's added so much heart to the show and her music has made such an impact on season four. It's so wonderful knowing she thought my scene had so much heart, because I think she really played the biggest role in that."

Sadie has developed an "emotional and personal" connection to "Running Up That Hill" so insisted she's not grown tired of hearing the song and she loves that the show has introduced Kate's work to a new generation. When asked if she got tired of listening to Kate, she said, "[I] really didn't. I have such an emotional and personal connection to 'Running Up That Hill' and it really lended itself to tapping into the character." 

"Every time I listen to it, I'm transported back to set, being around my favorite people and making my favorite show. I see that song a lot on my TikTok feed," she added. "It's probably gotten a little excessive with the amount of videos I find that use the song in the background. But it's a really good thing, because it means that people are watching the show and now listening to Kate Bush. As they should."

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