KeKe Palmer Eager to Work With Daniel Kaluuya on Horror-Thriller 'Nope'

Gushing over her British co-star in Jordan Peele's upcoming movie, the 28-year-old actress says that she has 'always wanted to work with him' as she loves him.

AceShowbiz - KeKe Palmer has "always" wanted to work with Daniel Kaluuya. Offered a role in Jordan Peele's upcoming horror-thriller "Nope", the 28-year-old actress was delighted because it gave her the opportunity to share the screen with the "Get Out" actor.

"I love Daniel, I've always wanted to work with him," KeKe told PEOPLE. "It's one thing to be like 'Oh my gosh I'm going to be in Jordan Peele's movie, but then I'm going to be in Jordan Peele's movie that he's doing again with Daniel!"

Daniel became a household name thanks to his performance in "Get Out" but KeKe knew the former "Skins" actor would be a star long before then. She said, "When I saw his episode of 'Black Mirror' I said he's really good, like good for real. Acting acting. So when 'Get Out' came out I knew it was going to be good 'cause I was like, 'They got the man from the Black Mirror episode!' "

Although KeKe and Daniel have become close friends now, the actress admitted it was hard to get to know her British co-star properly during filming because he was using an American accent. She said, "Working with him was incredible. It's funny, I got some of his personality when we were working but I really got his personality when he was able to use his accent."

"Most of the time [on set] he was speaking in an American accent," she further elaborated, "and that does, unfortunately, dull a little bit of your personality because you're like in another language almost, so now that we're going around, doing press together and hanging out, it's like, 'Oh I get to really see the way that you are.' "

The "Hustlers" actress has long been a fan of horror films and she can't wait for fans to see "Nope" when it is released on July 22. She said, "It's true what Jordan said, It's like nothing you've ever seen before."

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