The dark, emo rock song, which is about his music career journey, will be included in the BTS member's first full-length solo album 'Jack in the Box', which is set to be released on July 15.

AceShowbiz - J-Hope has a special treat for fans as he releases a new single titled "More". At Thursday midnight, June 30, the member of BTS (Bangtan Boys) unleashed his highly-anticipated new solo song alongside its music video to everyone's excitement.

In the swag-filled song, J-Hope can be heard playing around with a darker, edgier sound that fuses together alternative rock hooks with hip-hop beats. While the visuals isn't necessarily creepy, fans definitely will be kept on edge with the dark, sinister vibe throughout the music video.

"I'm doing it all," he spits in the pre-chorus of the song, which tells about J-Hope's journey from nothing to a star as well as his love for music. According to a press release, the musician wants to "show the world how much [he has] grown."

"More" will be included in J-Hope's first full-length solo album "Jack in the Box", which is set to be released on July 15. The rapper/dancer previously teased that he would show a darker tone and new side of himself in the upcoming set.

"If I was going to convey the things I wanted to say, I would have to be darker. It's something I've never done before, so I was excited to try something new," he explained.

In addition to "Jack in the Box", J-Hope is currently gearing up to headline the closing night of Lollapalooza. He is set to make history by being the first South Korean solo artist who will appear at a major U.S. festival.

J-Hope is no stranger to making history throughout his music career. The "Butter" hitmaker became the first member of BTS to enter the Billboard Hot 100 as a soloist in 2019. That was when his single "Chicken Noodle Soup", featuring singer Becky G, debuted at number 81 on the chart.

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