'The Flash' star is accused of keeping a young mother and her three underage children in deplorable conditions at a 96-acre Vermont farm with assault weapons 'lying around.'

AceShowbiz - Ezra Miller has been hit with new accusations amid their piled up grooming allegations. "The Flash" star allegedly has a young mother and her three minor children living in "unsafe" weapon-filled farm.

Multiple sources with knowledge of the situation, including the children's father, made the accusations to Rolling Stone in an article published Thursday, June 23. The sources in question were said to have spoken out anonymously "for fear of retribution," alleging that the actor's property includes the presence of "unattended" firearms.

The news outlet claimed to have reviewed video footage from April that appeared to show at least eight assault weapons, rifles and handguns scattered around the home's living room, noting some weapons were even propped up next to stuffed animals. One source added that one of the kids once allegedly picked up a loose bullet and put it in her mouth.

The mother and children, aged one to five, have been living at Ezra's 96-acre Stamford, Vermont, farm since mid April. The actor met the woman in Hilo, Hawaii, which Ezra had been visiting in March.

The children's father claimed that Ezra secured a flight out of Hawaii for the woman and her children, allegedly without the father's knowledge. He further stressed that he has not been able to see or speak with his children since their departure. "I got a bad feeling in my stomach," he said. "I do want to go get my kids, they mean the f**king world to me."

However, the mother insisted she and her children are not in danger. In fact, she told the outlet that Ezra helped her escape from an allegedly "violent and abusive ex" and gave her "a safe environment for [her] three very young children."

"[Ezra's] home ranch has been a healing haven for us," the mother, who is still living at Ezra's farm with her kids, added. "They may have firearms for self-defense purposes and they are stored in a part of the house that the children never go in… My kids are able to relax more into their healing because of the safety and nurturing Ezra has been providing for them."

More recently, it's reported that "The Flash" could be Ezra's last DCEU movie amid their escalating volatile and odd behavior. According to Deadline, Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav has several choices to pick with the completed movie.

"He can pull back on heavily promoting the summer 2023 film, confining it to some P&A and no publicity tour. Or he can relegate it to streaming with HBO Max and take a write-down. Or lean in toward making the movie a hit and then drop [Ezra] if they can't straighten things out," the site reported.

The last option seemed to be the most probable scenario as Warner Bros. was said to have tried getting help for Ezra, but their problems keep piling up. Even if no more allegations surface, the studio won't likely keep the 29-year-old in the Flash role in future DC films.

The reports came after Ezra was accused of acting inappropriately toward a 12-year-old nonbinary child and grooming a teenage girl. Parents of the 18-year-old girl named Tokata Iron Eye claimed Ezra groomed and brainwashed Tokata.

Tokata, however, has publicly defended Ezra. "My comrade Ezra Miller ... has only provided loving support and invaluable protection throughout this period of loss," the teen said in a statement posted online. "I am now aware of the severity of emotional and psychological manipulation I was made to endure while in my parents home ... I am an adult and I deserve to feel authority in my own body."

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