Hailey Bieber 'Extremely Picky' With Formulas of Her Skincare Brand

Enlisting the services of a 'skin care advisory board,' the 25-year-old model assures that she's still heavily involved and is confident that her brand will deliver 'amazing products.'

AceShowbiz - Hailey Baldwin enlisted the services of a "skin care advisory board" for her brand Rhode. The model spent two years working on her first three products, Peptide Glazing Fluid - a hydrating serum-gel - Barrier Restore Cream and Peptide Lip Treatment, and though she wanted to keep things simple with an uncomplicated ingredients list, she brought in scientific experts to help create the perfect formulas.

She told Allure, "Obviously, I can totally admit that I don't know what I don't know - so I had the idea to bring in a skin-care advisory board." The 25-year-old added, "We brought in a dermatologist, we consulted with a cosmetic chemist… I had conversations with a lot of people that are very influential and knowledgeable in the skin-care space. And that was really how we brought these formulas to life in the labs."

But Hailey was quick to stress she was still heavily involved. She said, "No decision has been made without me. I was the one who was going to the labs and explaining how I wanted it to feel and the results I wanted it to deliver."

And the wife of Justin Bieber believes being "extremely picky" has paid off and she's confident about the collection. She explained, "If there was something that was even the teeniest bit off, I wasn't going to approve it because I don't want to bulls*** with this brand. I don't want to cut corners. I want amazing formulas. I want to give people amazing products."

At the top of Hailey's ingredient list was niacinamide, a form of Vitamin B which helps prevent inflammation and UV damage, minimize the appearance of pores and strengthen the skin's barrier. She added, "One of my favorite skin-care ingredients of all time is niacinamide. I saw such a big difference in my skin with niacinamide, and I have very sensitive skin."

Peptides, strings of amino acids which help boost collagen production, also feature in all three products, as do squalane, glycerin and hyaluronic acid.

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