The Los Angeles Lakers star thinks it is understandable for the Oscar-winning actor to yell at the fans because they invaded his and his wife's personal space.

AceShowbiz - LeBron James has weighed in on the now-viral video of Tom Hanks screaming at a group of people during a recent outing. According to the NBA athlete, the "Inferno" actor had the right to yell at the fans because they tripped over his wife Rita Wilson.

James defended Hanks via Twitter. "I just saw the Tom Hanks clip of his wife almost being trampled over by the paparazzi. What the f**k ever happened to personal space??" the basketball player argued.

"Now if Tom would have stole on one of them, he would be the one in the wrong and probably sued!" the Los Angeles Lakers star went on fuming. "How are they protected more than he and his wife?"

In the said clip, Hanks and Wilson were seen heading toward their car in New York City when a group of people followed them. However, at one point, the "Kimi" actress screamed because she got tripped by a fan behind her.

Hanks was furious. Pausing his step, the Oscar winner yelled, "Guys, this is my wife. Back the f**k off!" While his wife of 34 years was making her way to the SUV, Hanks still released his anger as he asked, "Knocking over my wife?!"

Many Twitter users have reacted to the incident, also coming to Hanks' defense. "If you got Tom Hanks Pissed at you. Well, you must be being a real douche. Got excited to see celebrities is one thing, but invading their space and almost trip their loved ones is another level of madness!" one person wrote.

"Tom Hanks was completely in the right," another person opined. "Celebrity or not, everyone is entitled to personal space and when you overstep into that space and cause Tom Hanks' wife to trip, you deserve to be put in your place and feel ashamed."

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