Carrie Underwood Explains Her Appetite for Cheese as a Vegan

In a new interview, the 39-year-old 'American Idol' winner, who is a vegetarian, talks about her favourite 'cheat meal,' adding that she is a 'big cheese person.'

AceShowbiz - Carrie Underwood says her appetite for cheese means she can only "flirt" with going vegan. The "Inside Your Heaven" singer is a vegetarian and although she has attempted to follow a diet totally free of animal products she just can't satisfy her hunger for cheese as the non-dairy alternatives don't compare in deliciousness.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight Canada, the musician discussed her favourite "cheat meal," adding that she is a "big cheese person." Carrie, who was presented with a sculpture of her head made from a 40lb block of Wisconsin cheese while on tour in 2019, said, "I'm a vegetarian, and I will flirt with veganism occasionally, but cheese is my vice… just a giant plate of cheese."

The "American Idol" winner, who has sons Isaiah Michael (7) and Jacob Bryan (3) with her NHL player husband Mike Fisher, also claimed in a game of "Country Star Confessions" her sons already like being around beautiful women. Speaking about being on the road with her kids and fellow country acts Maddie Fony and Tae Kerr, as well as the group Runaway June, the 39-year-old musician said, "I was really lucky on our last tour to be out with just incredible ladies.

"We had Maddie and Tae, and we had Runaway June, and they loved on my kiddos so much," she said. "Isaiah would always be on somebody's lap, you know, eating, 'cause he knew. He knew what he was doing. He's like, 'Pretty girls? I'm there.' "

Adding that her tour mates are the perfect babysitters, she said, "They were so, so good to them, so, I would definitely trust any of those ladies to look after the boys, because they have."

When asked to name one of her habits that irked her family, Underwood joked, "Nothing, I'm perfect." But Carrie then admitted she’s “not a good driver” and doesn't "do math."

Underwood’s admission about her desire for calorific cheese comes after she last year detailed her battle to lose weight - which saw her turn to slimming supplements. She admitted, "I knew that I weighed more than I had ever weighed before. Then as soon as you start making little tweaks, people immediately start saying, 'You look so great!' Then you start wondering, 'How bad did I look before?' Then it's like, 'Well I guess I should keep on going.' Then you start eating less."

The singer, who put on 30lbs when she had her first son but now has her own wellness app, confessed about taking supplements containing the stimulant ephedrine, which is banned in the U.S. "I was taking things with ephedra in it. It wasn't the best way. If I could go back and talk to myself, I'd be like, 'Here's how you do it the right way.' "

Ephedra, barred by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration since April 2004, can cause a quickened heartbeat and elevated blood pressure, with side effects also including palpitations, nausea and vomiting.

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