Bandman Kevo Takes Aim at Other Rappers as He Shows Off Liposuction Results

Making use of Instagram to flaunt his new abs, the 'Baller in Me' spitter accuses fellow hip-hop artists of not getting honest about undergoing the same procedure to get their shredded looks.

AceShowbiz - Bandman Kevo has taken an instant way to reach his body goal, but he's not ashamed to admit it. The Chicago native has revealed that he recently went under the knife to lose the fat in his stomach and get a sculpted tummy.

Taking to his Instagram page on Friday, June 3, the 32-year-old shared a before-and-after photo of his stomach. His before picture shows a doctor's marks around his belly, detailing where his new abs will be seen. In the after one, he showed off his ripped new bod after getting a liposuction.

In his caption, Kevo said that he had been trying to lose some weight by working out, but didn't manage to get the abs he desired before he had the procedure. "I was working out hard and still couldn't lose my stomach so I went to @insta_p_h_a_m I was 284 now I'm 220," so he wrote.

The "All Foreign" rhymer also took aim at other rappers, accusing them of not getting honest about undergoing the same procedure. "but you have to still work out hard and most rappers and gone tell you the sauce," he added, before joking, "If your lady need her body done I might pay for yours and hers too."

Agreeing with him, one person remarked, "Yea these other rappers ain't gone say nothing." Another was impressed with the results as gushing, "I mean, let's be real. It looks natural." A third praised Kevo for his honesty, "Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I aint mad at bro. At least he owning it."

Kevo's post also drew attention from fellow celebrities, including former NFL star Devon Still who weighed in, "You can workout hard and still not lose weight because you can't outwork an unhealthy diet. I started at 317 and on the road to 225." Another shared similar advice as pointing out, "You gotta workout and change your diet. Can't do one without the other."

Keyshia Cole even commented on it, writing, "And this whole time I've been in the gym tryna get this damn 6Pack." Wack 100 is seemingly keen to follow in Kevo's footsteps as he asked, "send the info I'm in there asap." YouTube star Omar Carrasquillo, better known as Omi in a Hellcat, poked fun at himself, "S**t i rather do that then be looking like omi in a hellcat…. Damn I'm up next."

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