Zendaya's Rep Clarifies Woman Getting Beaten Up in Viral Video Is Not the Actress
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The 7-second clip showing a young woman, who resembles the 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' star, getting punched and kicked previously sent fans confused, while some others responded with humor.

AceShowbiz - Zendaya Coleman's fans can now breathe a sigh of relief that their favorite star is unharmed. After a viral video showing a woman, who looks like the actress, getting beaten up sent fans confused, a representative for the "Euphoria" star has clarified that the woman in the footage is not Zendaya.

The rep set the record straight to TMZ after a video surfaced earlier this week, showing a young woman who resembles Zendaya getting brutally attacked. In the 7-second long clip, a standing person is seen repeatedly landing blows on the woman, who is on the floor, before kicking her in the head, sending the woman flying back and knocking her head against the wall.

After the footage was shared on Twitter with the caption "Zendaya fight," many pointed out the similarities between the woman in the video and Zendaya, causing some to express concern for the star. "I need Zendaya to confirm that's not her getting her a** beat," one concerned fan tweeted.

Others pointed out that those reacting to the video with humor are sending the wrong message. "I know this isn't Zendaya, but videos of nonblack women never go viral for getting their faces punched in, so I want to know why everyone always thinks it's hilarious for black women to consistently get their heads bashed in on social media?" one person wrote.

Echoing the sentiment, a third user said, "First of all, I really hope that's not Zendaya being attacked, and secondly, all these niggas laughing about it are disgusting fucking non humans. No one deserves that. U can't be sad about a school shooting but days later laugh at someone being attacked." Someone else added, "It doesn't have to be Zendaya for it to be horrifying. Domestic violence is not ok. Not ever."

TMZ later reported that it's informed the person getting beaten might be a minor, prompting the site to remove the clip.

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