Sarah Jessica Parker Blames 'Conflicted' Relationship With IG for Being Absent on Social Media

In a new interview, the Carrie Bradshaw depicter on 'And Just Like That...' also admits to struggling with fan reactions on social media following the release of 'Sex and the City' revival series.

AceShowbiz - Sarah Jessica Parker has admitted to struggling with social media and fan expectations. The "Sex and the City" actress revealed that she has a "conflicted" relationship with social networking platform.

The 57-year-old actress reprised the role of Carrie Bradshaw for "And Just Like That...", the "Sex and the City" revival series, last year. In a new interview, she unveiled how she's dealt with fan reactions on social media.

Asked whether she feels the need to cater to fan expectations, Sarah Jessica replied, "First of all, I'm rarely on social media." She reasoned, "[Showrunner Michael Patrick King's] not on it at all. I'm on Instagram, and I have a very conflicted relationship with it."

"Obviously, we're aware that people have opinions, and there will be peripheral chatter specific to the HBO show. We care that they're engaged and enjoying it, flipped out, upset, thrilled, devastated, but you can't have a result in mind and then try to back into it with the writing," Sarah Jessica explained. "That would just be awful. And that would be like riding a bike with a gang of 10 million."

Sarah Jessica and Michael are both conscious of the criticism surrounding "And Just Like That...". However, they won't allow the online comments to sway them.

Sarah Jessica told The Hollywood Reporter, "Michael's not afraid of chatter. There's just so much out there, so if someone's talking about us, which they were apparently every week with recaps and breakdowns, Michael's like, 'You can't beg for that [kind of attention]. So let's keep doing what we're doing.' "

Sarah Jessica also revealed the show's writing team is now "more diverse" then ever before. The actress, who stars alongside Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis, explained, "We have a great writing room of, once again, all women, but the room is more diverse now. That wasn't a mandate, no one told us it had to be that way. Michael wanted it that way, and it will continue to evolve."

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