Laverne Cox Shares Sultry Video to Fight Her 'Internalized Ageism' Ahead of 50th Birthday

Getting candid about her insecurities and her struggle to overcome them, the Emmy-nominated actress posts a clip of her posing seductively in skimpy lingerie.

AceShowbiz - Laverne Cox is facing her insecurities head-on. As she is about to turn 50 years old in a month, the actress, who is best known for her portrayal of Sophie Burset on "Orange Is the New Black", is getting candid about her struggles with ageism and body positivity.

On Wednesday, April 27, the 49-year-old posted a video of her rocking skimpy lingerie, leaving little to the imagination. In the clip set to Megan Thee Stallion's "Savage" remix feat. Beyonce Knowles, she stroke her long curly hair, which was let loose, while she posed seductively for the camera.

In the caption, Laverne shared a message to herself about embracing her body. "In a little over a month on May 29th I turn 50 years old," she began. "It's hard to believe I'm still alive, that I'm almost 5 decades old."

"This body has been through so much, both inside and outside: traumas, transition, classical ballet, successes, failures, abuse, injuries, healing, weight gain, weight loss, illness, pleasure, ecstasy," she shared. "This body has been through a lot of negative self talk about it from me. I've been cruel, abusive, punitive in the ways in which I have talked to and treated to this body."

The "TRANSform Me" producer continued penning, "Knowing the ways in which cisnormative, white supremacist, misogynist, fat phobic, capitalist beauty standards make us devalue ourselves has not exempted me from internalizing those standards. There are some ways in which my body has changed as I've gotten older and grown into my womanhood that I love. There are other things I struggle to love."

She went on showing her positive attitude, "But it is my prayer that a day at a time I can actively participate in keeping this body healthy and strong as it ages. It is my prayer that a day at a time that I can let go of negative self talk towards this body replacing that the negative with affirming talk of this body's resilence and beauty and how it's gotten me through almost 50 years of some thangs of the thangs. Lol! Honey!!"

"This is what comes up for me as a 49 year old woman posting a video of myself in skimpy lingerie on Instagram," the Emmy Award-winning actress said of the sultry clip. "My internalized age-ism says, 'How utterly cringe.' My internal fight to not put myself out to pasteur says, 'B***h, you betta do it.' "

Laverne received a lot of supportive messages in the comment section. "You just bring your stunning, beautiful self into your 50s and find out just how f**king fabulous it is! I turn 59 in two weeks and I wouldn't trade my 50s for my 40s for less than $2million. I mean, I'm not insane. Still. They're the best. Love you!" one person wrote.

Another dubbed her "a masterpiece," while a third agreed with Laverne as writing, "YES CAPTION." Someone else raved, "Brilliance and Resilience, the definition of a real woman and true human."

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