Stopping by 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!', the 'Barry' star recalls an embarrassing moment when his daughter begged him to let her greet the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' star at a restaurant.

AceShowbiz - Bill Hader's daughter embarrassed him in front of Chris Pratt with a "solid burn." The 43-year-old actor, who has girls Hannah, 12, Harper, nine, and Hayley, seven, with his ex-wife Maggie Carey, has opened up on the moment Harper decided to prank him when they saw the "Guardians of the Galaxy" actor at a restaurant.

Appearing on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!", Bill revealed how his daughter begged him to let her go and say hello because she knew his son. He said, "I was like, 'No, he's eating, just leave him alone please.' I eat, finish, pay, and she goes, 'Dad, can I please go over and say hi, please?' So I feel terrible."

The doting dad felt guilty and eventually caved, walking over to the "Jurassic World" star to introduce himself and explain how his daughter knows Pratt's son. However, he said, "My daughter goes, 'I don't know his son? You wanted to meet Chris Pratt!' "

Bill described the awkward moment as a "solid burn" and joked he "wanted to strangle" her. He added, "But I was also never more proud of a kid in my life."

The actor is no stranger to his daughters' sense of humour, as they love poking fun at him whenever possible. He quipped, "I always know when a bus will pull up with my face on the side of it because in the back they all go 'Ew, gross! That guy sucks!' "

"I'm like, alright, you guys are the boss."

Meanwhile, Bill is said to have been quietly dating Anna Kendrick for a while now, as a source recently revealed the pair are "very happy" together and enjoying taking things are their own pace with "no rush."

The insider said, "Bill and Anna are in love and very happy in their relationship, and enjoying their time together. They're in no rush to get engaged and are happy with how things are going."

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