Offset Seeks to Reverse $950K Stolen Bentley Judgment as He Declares He 'Did Not Steal' It

In his response, the 'Clout' spitter insists that he 'was never in possession' of the vehicle and he 'reported the car missing' to the rental company, Platinum Motorsports.

AceShowbiz - Offset has filed his response after being accused of stealing a Bentley Bentayga he allegedly rented to Platinum Motorsports (PML) in 2020. As for now, the "Legacy" rapper is asking the judge to reverse the $950,027 default judgment that was entered against him as he declared he "did not steal" the vehicle.

"I was told by a PML representative that PML would report the car stolen to the authorities," said the Migos rapper in his statement, per Rolling Stone. "I did not steal the car, and I reported the car missing to PML as soon as I was advised by [Oriel Williams, the one who rented the vehicle, according to the rapper] that the car could not be located. In or about July 2020, I was informed by PTG that the car was reported stolen to the LAPD, and that they were investigating the theft of the car."

Offset later insisted that he "was never in possession of the car." He explained further, "And, to my knowledge, [I] was not listed as an 'additional driver' on the rental agreement. I had rented cars from PML in the past, however, and they had both my Georgia driver's license and credit card on file."

The Georgia-born hip-hop star said that he assumed that the vehicle had been recovered or the loss was covered by the company's insurance after he didn't hear any from PML or the LAPD. "Not hearing otherwise from PML or the Los Angeles Police Department in 2020 or thereafter, I assumed that the Bentley -- which was very unique and which I believed was protected with OnStar or some other electronic detection device -- had either been recovered, or that any loss had been covered by PML's insurance," he wrote.

The husband of Cardi B also claimed PLM never served him the lawsuit and said the company, instead, mailed it to an address in Atlanta where his father lived and where he's "never" resided. The only reason the "Clout" rapper learned about the lawsuit was his wife's entertainment law firm discovered it by chance in the Los Angeles County Superior Court system.

Offset added that following this discovery, his lawyers reached out to PML to request "a stipulation vacating the default and default judgment" and claimed he offered "to pay both sides' fees related to the default paperwork." The rental company's lawyers said they were "too busy" at the time to consider the proposition.

Offset then concluded PML's suit was misleading as it "never advised the court that [Offset] did not sign the rental agreement in question, and [Offset] is not listed as an authorized driver on the rental contract." A hearing on the matter has been scheduled for May.

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