Benzino Arrested for Criminal Damage After Allegedly Confronting Ex Althea Heart's Boyfriend

The father of Coi Leray has been taken into Gwinnett County Jail after he allegedly punched Reginald Cuington's truck as well as talked to him 'in a threatening and harassing manner.'

AceShowbiz - Benzino apparently continues to have a tough week. The father of Coi Leray has been arrested for criminal damage after he allegedly confronted his ex-girlfriend Althea Heart's boyfriend.

On Sunday, April 10, Real World Police page on YouTube released bodycam footage from an officer that saw the former The Source magazine executive being arrested. He was taken into custody for criminal damage and transported to Gwinnett County Jail. Warrants were signed by a Gwinnett County judge.

In the caption of the nearly 1-hour video, Braselton Police Sergeant Wayne Breeden explained the incident. "Both males [Benzino and Reginald Cuington] were arguing with one another and making threats as they were separated. Note: Cuington is never heard making threats," said the cop.

"Reginald seemed to cool down once police arrived, but [Benzino] remained visibly upset during the duration of the call," added Sergeant Wayne. "I spoke with Reginald, as another officer spoke with [Benzino]."

Sergeant Wayne continued, "Reginald advised that he and a female he has been seeing, Althea, were out for a walk in the neighborhood. Once they arrived back at Reginald's vehicle, a male approached him in a threatening and harassing manner." The police officer said, "Reginald stated that he did not know the male, and also had no idea that Althea was involved in another relationship."

Sergeant Wayne also noted that Benzino "repeatedly claimed that he and Althea were married." The cop explained, "They are not, and they have never been, married." He continued, "At this point, Reginald attempted to get into his vehicle, but was unable to due to [Benzino] being in the way."

"Reginald stated that Althea then got in to the driver's seat of his truck and attempted to pull away. Reginald told me that as they began to try and drive away, [Benzino] then struck his vehicle multiple times with his fist," Sergeant Wayne stated. "I was able to view the damage of the truck, which showed two dents in the driver-side rear door. Reginald then stated that [Benzino] continued to threaten him until police arrival."

"I also spoke with Althea, and another witness, Cindy, who observed the incident from her porch. Cindy stated that she also viewed the [Benzino] subject shouting obscenities and punching the red pickup truck," noted Sergeant Wayne. However, he shared that Benzino "denies any involvement in the damage to Reginald's vehicle. [Benzino] continued to shout foul language and open-ended threats to Reginald."

The arrest came after Benzino was slammed by his own daughter Coi. In a series of furious tweets, the "Blick Blick" raptress said that her father "needs help" after she accused him of threatening her and her mother.

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