Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 'Regrets' Dissing LeBron James for His Social Stances

When expressing his remorse, the 74-year-old former professional basketball player declares that LeBron is 'still one of the greatest basketball players in history.'

AceShowbiz - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has regretted his comments on LeBron James. The former professional basketball player, who previously dissed the Los Angeles Lakers star over his social stances, expressed his remorse in a post he shared on Twitter.

"Today a reporter asked me a question about Lebron James and I regret my off-handed response which has been blown out of proportion," the 74-year-old penned on Sunday, April 3. "For years I've expressed my deep admiration and respect for LeBron as a community leader and athlete. That hasn't changed and never will."

In a lengthy statement, Kareem made it clear that his "respect and admiration has only grown for LeBron as I watched him champion worthwhile causes while maintaining his status as an elite athlete." He added, "As he closes is on my all-time scoring record, I have been a cheerleader urging him on, happy to pass the mantle to someone so worthy as an athlete and a person."

"LeBron is still the daunting hero I described two years ago," Kareem continued. "He's still a major force in improving lives in the Black Community. He's still one of the greatest basketball players in history. He's still a man who has earned the overwhelming admiration of millions. And every day he goes out and proves why he deserves that admiration."

Kareem, who slammed LeBron last December for encouraging "vaccine hesitancy" with COVID-19 meme, went on to explain, "On occasion I have chided LeBron when I thought he was dropping the ball when it came to supporting the community. But I did so in the spirit of a loving older brother offering guidance, whether wanted or not." He further shared, "So, when I said that he has done some things he should be embarrassed about, that wasn't a slam or a barb or even a finger wag, it was me recapping some of what I'd said in the past."

Kareem previously took aim at LeBron before the Lakers' 129-118 loss to the Denver Nuggets on Sunday. "Some of the things he's done and said are really beneath him, as far as I can see," he said. "Some of the great things that he's done, he's standing on both sides of the fence almost, you know? It makes it hard for me to accept that when he's committed himself to a different take on everything. It's hard to figure out where he's standing. You've got to check him out every time."

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