Prince Harry Slammed for Skipping Prince Philip's Memorial Amid Row Over His Security in the U.K.
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The Duke of Sussex and his wife Meghan Markle are not attending the memorial service in honor of his late grandfather after he takes legal action against British government for denying his request for protection in the country.

AceShowbiz - Prince Harry is getting more hate than love after skipping Prince Philip's Memorial in London. The Duke of Sussex and his wife Meghan Markle were not attending the memorial service honoring his late grandfather on Tuesday, March 29 amid a row over his security in the U.K.

The prince has taken legal action against the Home Office after his request for protection while in the country was denied. However, his excuse was branded "pathetic" by Richard Griffin, a former royal protection officer of Prince Philip.

"Prince Philip was their grandfather so William has obviously had a great training from him and is going to learn examples from him. I just hope Harry gets some of these things in his mind," Richard said. "It [Harry not being here] was a big disappointment for everybody. People were talking about it. Certainly around where I was people were saying he should have been here."

He added, "All this nonsense about how he couldn't get protection, as far as I'm concerned that was a pathetic excuse. He should've been here to honour his grandfather. At the end of the day, if he was that worried about security, he could’ve stuck with his brother and father who have got wonderful security and he would have been more than safe."

Other royal watchers also slammed Harry for being the only senior royal to miss the tribute to Prince Philip, with "Good Morning Britain" presenter Richard Madeley asking, "What is he playing at?"

Royal family fans were taking to social media to express their disappointment at Harry's absence. One disgruntled fan wrote on Twitter, "It's shameful that Prince Harry refused to attend, but this is the same guy that trashed his family on global TV while his grandfather lay seriously ill in hospital."

Another said, "The Queen wouldn't want to miss her late husband memorial service at Westminster Abbey this morning he was loyal to her through their 73 years of marriage. It disrespectful prince Harry couldn't be bother to fly over from California to attend he grandfather memorial service."

A former fan of Harry noted, "I liked Prince Harry, but for him to miss out on a memorial for his Grandfather, a man done who so much for him, is a bit disappointed. The same goes for him not being there to support his Grandmother, who as well, has done and changed British Royal history for him."

Another fan has also changed side after Harry's absence at the memorial as saying, "I always defend Prince Harry no matter what but now he can royally kiss my fat a**. He's far too important to attend his grandads memorial."

"#PrinceHarry is Shameful," a fifth critic added. "Missing his late grandfathers memorial all because he wants protection before he will come into the country. If you forfeit your royal duties then your forfeit your right to publicly paid protection. End of."

"Sorry but Prince Harry should be there, no question and no debate," another person remarked, while someone else sarcastically suggested that Harry probably has " 'better things to do' in the United States of America with that awful wife of his. A disgrace of epic proportions."

Harry is pursuing a legal challenge against the Home Office after being told he would no longer be given the "same degree" of personal protective security when visiting from the U.S., despite offering to pay for it himself.

"Prince Harry inherited a security risk at birth, for life. He remains sixth in line to the throne, served two tours of combat duty in Afghanistan, and in recent years his family has been subjected to well-documented neo-Nazi and extremist threats," his legal spokesperson said in a statement in January. "While his role within the Institution has changed, his profile as a member of the Royal Family has not. Nor has the threat to him and his family."

The spokesperson further argued, "The Duke and Duchess of Sussex personally fund a private security team for their family, yet that security cannot replicate the necessary police protection needed whilst in the U.K. In the absence of such protection, Prince Harry and his family are unable to return to his home."

The memorial, which took place at Westminster Abbey, was attended by Queen Elizabeth II and her children, including the disgraced Prince Andrew, who escorted her from Windsor Castle to London. Prince William, Kate Middleton and two of their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, were also present for the memorial.

The cheeky princess stole the spotlight during the service as she was caught making a funny face on camera. The 6-year-old also had a sweet moment with Princess Beatrice as they shared a smile when Charlotte turned around to take a glance at her father's cousin during a hymn.

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