Kylie Jenner Trolled as Fans Think She Changes Son's Name Over Tammy Hembrow Feud

Social media users believe that the Kylie Cosmetics owner decided to unname her newborn son Wolf because her former friend has a son who is also named Wolf.

AceShowbiz - Kylie Jenner may be hiding the real reason why she changes her son's name. After announcing that her newborn baby boy is no longer called Wolf, fans speculate that it has something to do with her feud with Tammy Hembrow.

Fans noticed that Tammy, who used to be friends with the makeup mogul, happens to have a son named Wolf. Not only floating the theory on the Internet, but also they roasted the reality TV star for making such decision.

"Let's be real here. Kylie didn't like that Tammy had the name Wolf before she did," one social media user theorized. Another commented, "Kylie changed Wolf's name y'all. Why is that so funny to me. Do you think Tammy is laughing too?!?"

A third remarked, "Can't believe Kylie Jenner decided Wolf wasn't her son's name anymore, Tammy really won." Someone else claimed, "Kylie changing the name bc she's scared of Tammy Hembrow is so funny."

Further raising eyebrows, Tammy recently shared a TikTok video in which she appeared to call out Kylie. When one commenter wrote, "I JUST KNOW YOU ARE NAMING YOUR BABY BENTLEY," Tammy replied, "Actually liking the name Stormi [at the moment]."

Tammy used to model for Khloe Kardashian's Good American. She made headlines in 2018 for leaving Kylie's birthday party in a stretcher after she "pretty much collapsed."

However, in the following year Kylie unfollowed Tammy after Tyga name-dropped her on the remix of "Uno". "Shake that ass, you a bop, make it go, don't stop/ Slurp me up outside of In-N-Out parkin' lot," read the lyrics of the song. "Go Tammy, keep dancing/ You nasty, no panties/ Get a wet wipe, that'll come in handy/ And that p***y hit, b***h, you deserve a Grammy."

Tammy later confirmed that the song was about her, but she insisted that the lyrics had been "taken so out of proportion and crazy." She also maintained that she and Kylie's ex Tyga are nothing more than "friends."

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