'The Bachelor' Finale A Recap: Clayton Echard Makes Things Worse With His Baffling Revelation

In the Monday, March 14 episode, which served as the first part of season 26 finale, Clayton could be seen devastating news on the final two women, Gabby and Rachel.

AceShowbiz - Clayton Echard's love journey on "The Bachelor" is coming to an end soon. In the Monday, March 14 episode, which served as the first part of season 26 finale, Clayton dropped devastating news on the final two women.

Clayton was seen in church following his messy breakup with Susie in Iceland. That took a toll on him to the point he didn't know what to do.

Host Jesse Palmer told him that Gabby and Rachel expected roses from him that night. It made him worried that the ladies would bail out just like Susie if they found out that he slept with each of them during Fantasy Suite dates.

During what Jesse called "the Rose Ceremony from hell," Clayton revealed to them that Sussie went home. Rachel was shocked that Clayton was heartbroken and the two women were crying.

Eventually, he told Gabby that Susie left because she didn't like the fact that he told the two of them he loved them and he was intimate with them. Meanwhile, Rachel was crying and heartbroken because Clayton was in love with three women. However, she decided to stay because she's in love with him.

Both Gabby and Rachel later showed up. He gave the first rose to Rachel, who accepted it. As for Gabby, she turned down the rose and apologized to Clayton. She asked him to walk her out. Rachel was shocked.

The whole thing made Rachel feel awful. Gabby later returned with Clayton. He offered her the rose again and she accepted the rose.

It was then time for the two women to meet Clayton's family. His parents are empathetic with Gabby and Rachel. At the end of episode, Clayton told his family that he had made his decision. His parents were excited to find out which of these two women whom Clayton chose, but apparently he told them that his heart belonged to Susie.

Baffled, his dad said, "Clayton, when someone walks away from you, they're walking away from you and they're done. I think you're too caught up in the one that got away."

Clayton argued that Susie did like him, noting that "she could've walked away at any moment." His mom later chimed in, "She did! She did walk out!" Eventually, Clayton told Jesse that he wanted closure with Susie, who was still in Iceland.

Whether Clayton will have a chance to speak to Susie and convince her to be back, viewers will find out in the next episode.

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