'The Bachelor' Recap: Fantasy Suites Takes Ugly Turn After Clayton Echard Fights With One Woman

Clayton, who is described as 'the most genuine Bachelor ever,' shocks everyone when he says the meanest things possible to a woman with whom he claims to have the strongest relationship.

AceShowbiz - "The Bachelor" aired a new episode on Tuesday, March 8, featuring what people called the messiest Fantasy Suites in the series history. Clayton Echard, whom host Jesse Palmer described as "the most genuine Bachelor ever," shocked everyone when he said the meanest things possible to a woman with whom he claimed to have the strongest relationship.

The episode, which took place in Iceland, saw Claytin spending his first date with Floridian flight instructor Rachel. During the date, he said he was in love with her before they spent the night together.

Later, he went on a date with nurse Gabby, whom he also said that he's in love with. At the end of their date, they decided to spend the night together.

That made Susie feel insecure about her position. "I'm hoping that he takes physical intimacy as serious as I do," she said. "Sex is incredibly important in a relationship but it’s something I only do with people I have some form of commitment with. If I find out he's falling in love with other women or he has become physically intimate with another woman, that would be devastating."

During Clayton's date with Susie, he told her that he was in love with her. That prompted Susie to ask him, "There are things I feel like I can't compromise. If I'm sharing your love with somebody else, I don't think that I would be comfortable."

In response to the question, Clayton said, "The big thing I'm shocked at is you did say to explore the relationships. I I thought when we talked, it was you saying, 'I want you to explore and I don't want to be the default at the end of it, I want you to pick me for me.' " He added, "To answer your question, yes. I have slept with someone here. And yes, I have expressed feelings toward someone else of falling in love."

Susie said that she wasn't giving him an ultimatum not to sleep with other women. However, she admitted that she thought he would respect her enough not to be intimate with anyone else if he thought he was in love with her. Meanwhile, Clayton told Susie he was "more in love" with her than anyone else. That further upset Susie.

"You've reassured my ability to know that there's good men out there," she said while crying. "I've had some bad experiences, but this is something very big to me and I don't think I can get past those things. I just don't think I can."

Susie eventually walked out on Clayton at dinner, before he also stormed out of the room while feeling frustrated. Susie, however, approached him again and told him that she felt bad about how she handled things. Angered, Clayton asked, "If this was such a big dealbreaker for you, why would you not bring this up?"

As they were unable to get on the same page about the matter, Clayton claimed he was done. "We're not getting anything out of what we're saying anymore. I'm sorry I have to raise my voice. It's out of character for me but it’s because I care so much and I really did love you," he told her. "To see this ripped away from me is why you’re seeing what you're seeing right now. I have nothing more to say. Anything you say to me at this point doesn't matter anymore."

Clayton later walked her to her car, sending her home. While Susie regretted how she reacted earlier, Clayton was still mad that she didn't want to fight for their love. "You invalidated everything we had," he said. "I don't even know who I’m looking at anymore."

"I thought he'd have more compassion for me at the end, regardless of what he thought at this point," she shared. "I thought he would've been better about getting through that conversation kindly."

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