The half-brother of the '7 Rings' hitmaker insists that he has 'never heard' of a story about Pete sending 'intimate photos' with Ariana to the late Mac Miller.

AceShowbiz - Frankie Grande denied old rumors surrounding her sister that were brought up by Kanye West. When addressing reports about Pete Davidson sending "intimate photos" with Ariana Grande to the late Mac Miller, the dancer insisted that he's "never heard" of the story.

The 39-year-old shut down the rumors when speaking to TMZ on Monday, February 14. "Listen, I've never heard of that in my life, but listen, Kanye loves to stir the pot," he said while walking with his fiance Hale Leon around L.A.'s Crossroads Kitchen.

"So nothing that he says ever surprises me at all," the actor/singer added. "But I wish nothing but the best to him and to his family and to Pete and to everyone involved, especially on today, which is Valentine's Day."

"My philosophy is, I'm never going to tell anyone how to live their life, or what to do. All I can do is lead by example in my own life and say that I would never spread rumors about people or say anything or open my mouth where it doesn't belong," he went on stressing. "And I would just hope that the rest of the world can like take my lead and go with it."

Frankie continued that "we can't control other people and that's a thing I feel like we need to learn as a society." He then shared a message to fans, "Try to stay in your own lane but live your own life with integrity and try to inspire other people to do the same."

When asked about speculation saying that Pete is dating Kim Kardashian "for clout," Frankie called the gossip "silly." He elaborated, "Honestly, Kim Kardashian is one of the hottest people on the planet. I love her with my entire heart. There are a billion reasons to date Kim Kardashian, so I think that that is silly."

"I mean, I'm gay and I would date Kim," he quipped. "I'm engaged. That's my fiance, but if Kim Kardashian said, 'Frankie Grande, I wanna date you,' I'd be like, 'Sorry Hale, we're going on a break for a bit.' "

Ariana got dragged into Kanye and Pete's drama during the rapper's public rant against the "Saturday Night Live" star. Despite his hate towards the comedian, the emcee has promised his estranged wife that "nothing physical" will happen to her boyfriend, whom he calls "Skete."

In alleged text messages between Kanye and Kim, the reality TV star said, "There are dangerous people out there and this is scary and it doesn't have to be." In response, he replied, "I will always do everything to protect you and our family forever. And I listened to you and told everyone to make sure nothing physical happens to Skete."

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