Leah Remini 'Pissed' That Sherri Shepherd Is to Guest Host 'The Wendy Williams Show' Permanently

The former 'Kevin Can Wait' star is reportedly 'upset' by 'all the secrecy and behind-the-scenes deals' as she 'assumed this was her gig if she wanted it.'

AceShowbiz - Leah Remini is apparently not happy to learn that Sherri Shepherd is close to becoming "The Wendy Williams Show" "permanent guest host." If a new report is to be believed, the former "Kevin Can Wait" star is "pissed" by the news.

"Leah assumed this was her gig if she wanted it," a source informed Radar on Wednesday, February 9. "She hasn't been filling in for Wendy for her own health, she has been auditioning to get her own show and is pissed that Sherri has been offered the job behind her back."

The source went on elaborating, "Sherri is great but why wasn't Leah told about this? It is all the secrecy and behind-the-scenes deals that have upset her." The insider added, "Why producers were negotiating with Sherri on the down-low they were also leading Leah on," noting that "it feels like she caught a boyfriend cheating, and it doesn't feel good."

As for Sherri, she is scheduled to take over the talk show from Wendy Williams in September full-time. The informant said that "while she is being called a permanent guest host, everyone knows, in reality, it means 'permanent host.' "

"There is almost no chance of Wendy ever returning," the so-called insider claimed. "Producers are scared of upsetting Wendy's fanbase, so they are going to play along until even the hardcore fans get used to seeing Sherri every day."

The insider even stated that "by the end of the year it will officially be 'The Sherri Shepherd Show'." The source also explained that the decision came as "Sherri has a deal. She has proved that she can deliver the ratings and is making money."

Previously, sources close to the production of the talk show also told TMZ that Sherri "will take the reigns of the show beginning in September." Multiple sources claimed that the deal "is almost locked and everyone involved expects it will be inked in the very near future."

Upon learning of the news, Sherri's representative spoke to PEOPLE that the 54-year-old TV personality "is thrilled to be invited back to guest host 'The Wendy Williams Show' the week of February 21st." However, the spokesperson said, "No comment on these rumors."

An insider spilled to the outlet that "Wendy won't be returning to the show for the rest of this season. Her healing is going slower than everyone had hoped." The so-called insider added, "She continues to deal with a number of medical issues, including Graves' disease," adding that Wendy and her team "are taking it one day at a time."

The source went on to say, "But reports of a stroke, drugs or addiction issues or a dementia diagnosis are all false." The insider elaborated, "Whether Wendy can return in the fall will depend on how her healing goes over the summer. Her health is the most important thing."

Rumors of Sherri taking over "The Wendy Williams Show" permanently first sparked back in November. At the time, the actress successfully scored the talk show's season 13 highest ratings. David Perler, the executive producer of the daytime show, also found that Sherri "is a great fit for the show."

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