'The Bachelor' Recap: Clayton Echard Seemingly Plans to Take Back a Rose From a Contestant

In a new episode of the long-running ABC dating competition show, the leading man is shocked by claims about not only one but two contestants in his season.

AceShowbiz - Clayton Echard's love journey continued in a new episode of "The Bachelor". In the new episode, celebrity guest Hilary Duff came during the season's first group date to enlist "the help of the ladies to throw a dream Beverly Hills birthday party."

For the date, Clayton brought Teddi, Ency, Melina, Gabby, Kira, Sierra, Genevieve, Serene and Cassidy to a Beverly Hills mansion where they met the actress. She told the women that she needed their help for her daughter Mia's birthday and they were assigned to different tasks, including building a doll house and being a clown.

While other women worked hard doing their task, Cassidy was making out with Clayton by the pool. At one point, she dropped the cake that Genevieve made. After the kids left, Cassidy and Clayton went back to the pool and started making out again.

Later in the evening part of the date, Serena had a one-on-one moment with Clayton. Serena, who is a teacher, told him that she had a lot of fun today. After talking a little bit, Clayton leaned in and kissed her. He then chatted with Teddy and he felt some strong feelings for her.

It was then time for Clayton to give the group date rose. Cassidy was confident that she would get it and Clayton did present the group date rose to Cassidy. The other women clearly didn't look happy with the decision.

Susie then got the first one-on-one date card. She and Clayton then took a helicopter ride together. They had a great time together as Clayton revealed that he loved her humble nature and her vibe. The two also enjoyed a bottle of champagne in the yacht before going in the hot tub.

Clayton and Susie ended their night with a private concert from Amanda Jordan who sang "I Choose You" for them. He really loved spending time with Susie, so he gave her the one-on-one rose.

The next group date was for Kim, Marlena, Elizabeth, Kate, Sarah, Lyndsey, Rachel, Tessa and Shanae. Clayton told the women that he enlisted someone's help to see if they were there for the right reasons and that someone was popular comedian Ziwe. They then had to participate in a red flag obstacle course with Sarah coming up as the winner.

When Shanae finally had a one-on-one time with Clayton, she told him that there were red flags about Elizabeth, whom she dubbed two-faced. Clayton was surprised by the claims and went to speak with Elizabeth next. After he confronted her, Elizabeth told him that nothing happened between her and Shanae. Eventually, Clayton gave the group date rose to Sarah.

Drama further intensified in the house as Sierra told Clayton that Cassidy had a friend with benefits back home. She even said that Cassidy FaceTimed the guy at the hotel and the guy told Cassidy that they would watch the show together when she's back. Clayton was shocked and when host Jesse Palmer went to see him, Clayton asked him if anyone had ever taken a rose back before.

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