Chrisean Rock Comes Out With Alleged Texts From Blueface After He Jokes About Her Possible Pregnancy

Unhappy with her former boss trolling her possible pregnancy, the 21-year-old femcee unleashes some screenshots of his alleged texts in which he declares that he loves her.

AceShowbiz - Chrisean Rock refused to be bullied by Blueface. After the "Respect My Cryppin' " rapper joked about her possible pregnancy, the "Lonely" femcee took to social media to unleash alleged text messages from him.

On Saturday, January 8, Chrisean first shared a picture of a pregnancy test with what seemed to be a positive result. "The line thin but wassup," she wrote alongside the snap. However, she quickly deleted the photo.

Catching wind of the post, Blueface shared a video of himself pretending to be pregnant by hiding a ball underneath his T-shirt. "Hello, y'all. I'm pregnant," he quipped, alluding that Chrisean's pregnancy is fake.

The 21-year-old raptress was upset by her former boss' teasing. Taking to Instagram Story, she shared some screenshots of alleged text messages between her and the "Thotiana" emcee.

In some snaps, Blueface could be seen telling Chrisean that he loves her and misses her. In another screenshot, there was a photo that saw her alleged naked body lying on a mattress with Blueface's supposed hand on her backside.

Alongside the image, Chrisean penned, "You let Wack kick me out just for u to come to my apartment to sleep onna floor wit me in my living room." She was referring to the November 2021 altercation in which Wack 100 forced Chrisean to leave Blueface's house.

Blueface himself has set the record straight on the incident, in which his manager called police on Chrisean for refusing to leave the property. Taking to Instagram Story, the hip-hop star explained, "When all of this was occuring, I was at home in my bed. I was out the night before."

"My phone was dead. I'm sure people was trying to call me but it wasn't getting into me," he went on explaining. "[Someone] woke me up and be like, 'Man look at the phone, Chrisean is on Live with the police at your house.' And I'm like, 'What? OK, this is weird."

" 'Cause I told Chrisean it's done with," Blueface further recalled. "She was getting a little too out of hand for me. It was... her work ethic wasn't there enough for me to cope with. Her crazy life decisions and the way she thinks."

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