Will Smith Draws Chuckle as He Farts So Hard During Workout With Miami Dolphins
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The 'King Richard' actor is told to 'relax all [his] muscles' during a training session with the NFL team when he suddenly lets out a loud fart, prompting everyone in the room to laugh.

AceShowbiz - Will Smith may be losing one or two of his gym buddies after his latest embarrassing incident was caught on camera. The actor ripped a fart so hard during a workout with the Miami Dolphins and he wasn't going to hide it from public.

The 53-year-old has been training with the NFL team. On Thursday, January 6, he shared on his Instagram page a clip which captured one session during which he was getting stretched out. In the video, the Academy Award nominee for his role in "The Pursuit of Happyness" (2006) can be seen on his knees leaning forward while stretching his arms on a muscle roller.

"Training with the Miami Dolphins was going great… Until that morning coffee snuck up on me," pointed out a female narrator in the clip. A few moments later, the "Men in Black" star seemed to relax just a tad too much as he suddenly let out a loud fart.

"Sorry about this ... excuse me," he said, looking embarrassed as everyone in the room erupted in laughter. He then proceeded to make fun of himself as he jokingly asked, "You guys have showers in here?"

In his defense, Will said in the caption, "They said to relax ALL my muscles."

The video amused his followers, with one commenting, "The lil 'oooop!' Has me CRYING." Another acknowledged, "It happens but something extra funny about it when it's Will Smith." A third fan said, "I'll sleep better at night knowing that celebrities [fart] too."

Someone wrote, "Love the realness I do the same 'Excuse me!' " Movie director and producer Michael Bay also praised Will for keeping it real, commenting, "We would of cut that out -young movie crews like to show authentic.!! That's why I love you Will you keep it real."

Will previously shared a video of him joining Tuanigamanuolepola Tagovailoa, simply called Tua, of the Dolphins in a training session on the field. They were seen practicing throw and catch in the video, after which the two challenged each other to see who would hit the Dolphin logo on the wall first. Will lost as Tua hit the target on his first try.

In the caption, Will jokingly wrote, "I'm not saying me training with @tuaman has anything to do with @miamidolphins 6 game winning streak but I'm just sayinnnnn' ;-)"

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