Cardi B Slams Homophobic People, It Backfires

The Grammy-winning raptress shares on her Twitter account one of her criteria to the definition of 'bad b***h', while calling out homophobic people in the process.

AceShowbiz - Cardi B is known for her antics on Twitter. On Tuesday, January 4, the Grammy-winning raptress took to her page on the blue bird app to share one of her criteria to the definition of "bad b***h" while calling out homophobic people in the process.

"Every bad b***h have a gay best friend or gay best friend cousin," the "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker shared. "If you homophobic you just ugly."

Cardi B slammed homophobic people

Cardi B slammed homophobic people.

However, Cardi's tweet backfired as some people accused her of being homophobic and transphobic. "you are transphobic and homophobic tho, but you are ugly so i guess your tweet is true," one person responded to the hip-hop star's tweet. "you tryna get on the gays good side bc you transphobic asl," another person tweeted.

Some others, meanwhile, took issues with how Cardi appeared to view gay people as "accessories." One user wrote, "very true but lets unpack how these bad b***es be lowkey homophobic and treat their gay best friends as accessories."

Echoing the sentiment, another person said, "Dear straight women, Gay men are not your side kicks." One comment read, "OR.. or.. gay people have bad b***h best friends and cousins… cuz yk.. we're not accessories for str8 ppl. There's more to queer people than being the 'gay best friend'!! Yaas."

While Cardi has yet to respond to them, she had denied homophobic and transphobic accusations. Back in July 2021, the wife of Offset lashed out on Twitter, demanding, "How the fuvk (sic) am i homophobic or transphobic?"

"Have you been to a (Caribbean) island where you really see homophobia! Have you dealt with a parent that can't accept you for your sexuality?" she continued. "I said some ignorant things (before) that I apologized for & educated myself on it don't mean I'm homophobic," she added, seemingly referencing a transphobic meme she said a former staffer put on her Facebook page.

"Ya keep using that same 1 video that I apologize for over & over again to call me homophobic & transphobic 1 but never post about the ones where I support the LGBT community which are multiples and the multiple tweets I posted in support," Cardi affirmed.

The "WAP" raptress went on to note, "I know how hard it was for my gay cousin to come out to his very strict Dominican family. So before ya make it cool to call me homophobic & transphobic learn what those words mean and research my encouragement to the LGBT community (before) ya motherf**kers even knew who was Cardi."

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