Dwyane Wade Ridiculed Over His Christmas Gift to Youngest Son

The retired NBA player catches heat for the simple Christmas gift, mini basketball jerseys with his number, which he has given to youngest son Xavier for the jolly holiday.

AceShowbiz - Dwyane Wade sparked debates on the internet. Fans were divided after his baby mama posted a clip on Instagram, revealing the Christmas gift given by the former Miami Heat player to his youngest son, Xavier.

The moment little Xavier opened his present, mini jerseys with his dad's number, was captured on camera. When asked if he's happy, the boy gave an nod.

However, Dwyane Wade was called "cheap" by his critics. "He's like here's some merch son best I can do," mocked one individual. Another skeptical person commented, "Seems like this kind of thing should be a birthright not a Christmas." One more similar comment read, "Honestly if yu my daddy I don't want all no damn jerseys for a gift that's a GIVEN."

While there were a lot of negative reactions, many others came to Wade's defense. One wrote, "Maybe that's what his son asked for and he got it for him." Another penned, "Not y'all judging a gift off a video…they could of spent the day together and this could have been all the child wanted. Mind y'all business!"

The retired athlete share the boy with Aja Metoyer whom he hooked up with during a break from Gabrielle Union before they tied the knot.

The baby mama hasn't commented on the controversy over the Christmas gift, but she posted a cryptic message about the negativity on the internet.

"Only because I keep getting extremely negative comments," she wrote. "I appreciate the support but wishing harm on people is pretty bad …not the support I want …. It's even worse when you realize you have been misinformed and you have let your wild imagination take you to a non-existing place…"

"Be positive," she continued. "It's not what it may look like on this evil thing called the internet… be real with yourself. How would you feel if harm was done to one of your parents .. now think of my son… please stop it….thanks [love emoji]."

Dwyane Wade and wife Gabrielle often posted family pictures with children from his previous marriage, but they never shared any image together with Xavier.

In her new memoir this year, Gabrielle said she was devastated when she found out about the baby and had to seek therapy to cope with her heartache.

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