Lil Mama Thanks Jay-Z for Finally Forgiving Her Over 2009 VMAs Antics
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Revealing that he has nothing against the 'Lip Gloss' femcee, the hip-hop mogul assumes that she crashed his 2009 performance with Alicia Keys because she was 'a little too excited.'

AceShowbiz - Lil Mama is so grateful that Jay-Z is no longer mad over her infamous VMAs antics. Upon learning that she's being forgiven by the "Holy Grail" emcee for crashing his 2009 performance with Alicia Keys, the "Lip Gloss" raptress took to social media to thank the hip-hop mogul.

Making use of Instagram on Wednesday, December 22, the 32-year-old shared an audio clip of Jay-Z's conversation with Genius' Rob Markman on Twitter Spaces. In the clip, Jay-Z was asked if he forgave the femcee, to which he replied, "Of course, of course."

"C'mon. Don't do that," the husband of Beyonce Knowles continued. "That's our sister. Man, we love her. I wouldn't recommend people just jumping on other artists' stages, but, you know, we don't wish her no harm. That's corny."

"She's a New Yorker, you know what I'm sayin'? She got excited, so you know, things happen and of course, of course, we love her," the Roc Nation founder explained further. "Yes, she's forgiven. And It's all love... And she was coming from a place of love. It may have been a little too excited but she came from a place of love."

Alongside the post, Mama wrote, "I appreciate hearing this portion of last nights conversation. This has always been my stance , Love. Love for both my big brother, big sister and my city." She added, "It brings clarity to all of us as a community to actually hear these words from our legendary leaders."

"Hip Hop has always been a culture to me, not just music.. with that, I believe fellowship is very important to cultural growth. Reaching out to say you can do better or even to say your doing great can make the world of difference," she went on elaborating. "Thanks #JayZ and @aliciakeys for using your voices in this conversation . Hopefully we can have one together soon."

As for Alicia, she previously revealed on "The Morning Hustle" show that she forgave Mama as well. However, the singer claimed she didn't know Mama was onstage too while she and Jay-Z were performing "Empire State of Mind".

"Listen, to this day, I truly never knew she was even on the stage - that's the craziest part of the whole thing for me," she pointed out. "I was on that stage, Jay was in the middle, she was on the other side of Jay, and I never saw her. Never."

"So, that was wild to me," the wife of Swizz Beatz added in the October interview. "It's not even a thing... She's from New York too. I really think she felt the energy of the record and she loved it and she couldn't hold herself back. This is what my music does to people. What can we say?"

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