Benzino on DaBaby and DaniLeigh Altercation: 'He Did It Right'

Seemingly defending the 'ROCKSTAR' hitmaker in the wake of the incident, the 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' star says that 'I'm sure he wasn't just throwing her out on the curb.'

AceShowbiz - Benzino has weighed in on DaBaby and DaniLeigh's recent altercation. When giving his two cents regarding the two's argument, the "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star said he believes that the "Suge" rapper "did it right."

The 56-year-old addressed the matter in a new interview with VladTV. "He did it right, he didn't put his hands on her, that's number one," the TV personality said of the "ROCKSTAR" hitmaker's decision to air the dispute on Instagram Live and call police on her.

"Whatever they had between them, with their newborn baby, is between them. I can't have an opinion one way or the other cause I really don't know what happened," he added. "I can't judge Baby for what he did. There might have been a lot of reasons why he did what he did that only he knows. There might have been reasons to keep him out of a domestic violence situation that people don't understand."

The father of Coi Leray went on to explain, "I'm sure he wasn't just throwing her out on the curb, you know what I'm saying? I'm sure there was a driver in place and there was somewhere for her to go." He continued, "I just don't think she was just gonna be homeless."

"Women have a tendency to get emotional and make things a lot worse than what they are, and when the man is the breadwinner, the star, they're gonna try to do anything in their power to make him look bad," the veteran emcee further opined. "That don't mean that I'm jumping on man's bandwagon against women, that's just how I see it. Again, things like that could go a lot worse, and they didn't."

DaBaby and were caught in an altercation while she's feeding their baby daughter on Sunday night, November 15. Dani later claimed that the Grammy Award-winning rapper kicked her and their child out of the house so that he could hook up with other women.

DaBaby called cops on Dani that night, claiming that his baby mama struck him. While she's not arrested on Sunday, police were called again to the emcee's house in response to a report of a disturbance on Monday. She has since been charged with two counts of simple assault.

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