Lamar Odom's Ex-Fiancee Is Broke, Gets Evicted From Apartment

Sabrina Parr reportedly struggles to pay her rent as she is running out of money following her last year separation from the former Los Angeles Lakers player.

AceShowbiz - Sabrina Parr is apparently struggling financially following her split from NBA retiree Lamar Odom. According to a document that newly surfaced on the internet, the fitness guru was unable to pay the rent of an apartment she stayed in Ohio.

The health coach was allegedly kicked out of the house in October this year for being four months behind on her rent. She still owed the owner $7,500 after her $2,500 deposit.

According to Gossip Of The City, Sabrina was always late with her rent. She blamed it on surgery and Covid-19. In another occasion, she told the owner she had no money because she lost her purse at a P. Diddy party.

Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr got engaged in 2019 and broke up the following year. She recently released a book about their relationship.

Sabrina claimed she dumped him. "We were less than a year away from getting married. I was scared, hurt, and unsure of the outcome, but I knew if I stayed, I would never be free," she wrote on Instagram. "In my life, I've had to walk away from so many things and people to regain my peace. Leaving my ex was by far one of the hardest things I've had to do."

Lamar, however, disputed her story. He insisted it was he who walked away from their relationship. He said he packed his bags and took off one day before Sabrina decided to give up on them. He called her toxic and abusive.

"When she realized I was gone back to my home in San Diego she was livid," he opened up, claiming Sabrina had repeatedly tried to reach out to him until late last year. "I received over 250 calls and text messages over the course of last December from her wanting to fix us."

Sabrina was quick to react. "Every story I have or will ever tell is true! Anything you read in my book will be the truth!" she tweeted. "I'm willing to take a polygraph test to clear my name!!!"

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