Ariana Grande Deletes Photos to Avoid Controversy After Being Accused of 'Asianfishing'

The 'No Tears Left to Cry' songstress is accused of trying to look like an Asian after she posts a series of photos of her with pale skin while wearing an Asian schoolgirl look.

AceShowbiz - Ariana Grande has quickly amended her mistake. The "7 Rings" songstress has deleted a series of photos from a recent shoot after she came under fire for her makeup look, with many saying that she's "Asianfishing."

The pictures in question featured the 28-year-old pop star wearing her signature winged eyeliner, paired with a red lip and slicked-back hair. The "No Tears Left to Cry" songstress could be seen wearing a huge suit which gave a very Asian schoolgirl look. She also wore a white ribbon around her neck and on her head.

Shortly after Ariana posted the pictures, TikTok user Victoria Alexander shared screenshot of Ariana's photos on the video-sharing app. "I'm not saying that Ariana Grande has moved on from 'Blackfishing' to 'Asianfishing'," Alexander said, "But I am saying it took me longer than expected to realize that this is her."

Alexander continued, "I understand that celebrities will change up their look from time to time. But this is giving change up of phenotype." She then dubbed the "God is A Woman" singer a "racial chameleon" in the video's caption.

In the comment section of Alexander's TikTok video, many social media users shared their opinions on Ariana's appearance. "As a long time fan, this was disappointing to realize. There's no denying it," wrote one person, with another commenting, "Love her but can't defend her."

"She saw BTS (Bangtan Boys) and 'Squid Game' trending," a separate TikTok user chimed in. The fourth added, "Her voice and demeanor changed too…coincidentally once being a black insta baddie stopped being trendy amongst white girls."

In the meantime, Ariana's fans on Twitter defended her. "Literally wtf is this bc i know Ariana grande is not trying to go from black fishing to asian fishing," one person tweeted. Another even praised her look, "I'm so in love with @ArianaGrande's new Asian look. It looks so cute and oriental. Welcome to the TRANSRACIAL club Ari, so happy to have you join me."

"As an Asian myself I didn't even noticed like idk if you're Asian but Ariana always had small eyes and she's definitely not Asian fishing," a separate Twitter user penned. "I'm not even a fan but I have to stand up for with this."

"Asianfishing" is a term used to describe a person who is not Asian who tries to look like one through the clothes and makeup they wear or photo editing. The term is derived from "Blackfishing", a phrase that's used when white public figures, influencers do everything in their power to appear black.

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