'90 Day Fiance': Sumit Looks Hesitant While Telling His Parents About His Marriage to Jenny

A sneak peak of the Sunday, December 5 episode of the TLC show also sees cast member Kenneth Niedermeier criticizing the India native's parents for trying to tear him and Jenny apart.

AceShowbiz - Telling his parents about his marriage to Jenny Slatten will seemingly not be an easy thing for Sumit Singh. In a tell-all special of "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" season 3, the newly-married couple have a tense conversation with his parents about their marriage.

In a sneak peak of the Sunday, December 5 episode obtined by Us Weekly, cast member Kenneth Niedermeier criticizes Sumit's parents for trying to tear him and Jenny apart. "His mom and dad - and especially his mom - [have] thrown everything at the relationship to break it up, and after 10 years, it has not done it," he says. "He's even gotten married … to someone else, and it almost gets to the point of cruelty to them."

Other cast members, including Jenny, are shocked by the mention of the pair's marital status. Kenny later tries to cover up the slip of tongue by making it seem like he was referring to Sumit's past arranged marriage.

Meanwhile, Sumit's sister-in-law notes that the "generation gap" is the one to blame in addition to denying that the India native's family have been cruel to Jenny. At one point, host Shaun Robinson asks Sumit's parents, "What would happen if they just said, 'OK, it's too bad we don't have your blessing, we're just gonna get married anyway?' "

To the question, Sumit's father replies, "Why do you need the acceptance of the certificate of marriage? You people have to live together, and you're living together. That's all. We are not stopping you [from living] together. Why [are you] so anxious to [be] getting married?" Jenny fires back, saying that they want to get married because they "love each other."

Shaun then urges Sumit to break the news of his marriage to his family. "I would like to say that I know it's hard for you guys," Sumit tells his family. "If somebody’s talking bad about us getting married, it's not gonna make a difference. [The] only difference [it is] gonna make [is] only if you can accept us."

Shaun once again prods Sumit to reveal his marital status, saying, "Is there anything else you wanted to say to your parents?" However, Sumit stays silent.

Sumit and Jenny got married during the November 28 season 3 finale. The couple decided to not inform his parents before the wedding because they worried his mother and father would try to stop the ceremony. "We don't know what our future holds," Jenny admitted after the nuptials. "The only thing we know is that we’re happy together and we're living our life the way that we want to."

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