The 'Pride and Prejudice' actress reveals that she and her family are currently quarantining at their home in London as they're recovering from the deadly virus.

AceShowbiz - Keira Knightley has contracted COVID-19. In a new interview, the "Pride and Prejudice" star admitted to feeling "pretty rubbish" after testing positive for the virus despite being fully vaccinated.

The 36-year-old actress revealed that she and her family are currently quarantining at their London home during the interview with Stella Magazine. "I've got COVID and I'm feeling pretty rubbish," she said.

Keira explained that her daughters, 6-year-old Edie and 2-year-old Delilah, are recovering quicker than she is, while her husband James Righton is asymptomatic. The "Silent Night" actress shared, "[He is] being very smug about it -- he is convinced it's because he's one of those cold-water swimmers and I'm not."

Elsewhere during the conversation, Keira also opened up about the surreal experience of filming her new comedy-horror movie "Silent Night", set during Christmas on the eve of an environmental apocalypse. Filming began in the United Kingdom back in February 2020, a month before the outbreak.

"We were filming scenes about the shops running out of food at the same time as the news was becoming full of stories that all of the toilet paper had gone," Keira recounted. "It was incredibly strange for everyone."

Keira further elaborated, "I think it should come with a warning." She went on to add, "Because now everybody is coming to the film with a lived experience, hopefully not as horrific as this one, but it has suddenly become a lot more raw."

However, Kiera once admitted that she considered quitting acting for good after being able to spend so much time with her family during the pandemic. She said, "There's a part of me that went, this is great, maybe I should never work again. And another part of me that was like, whoa, I need to get back to work very quickly."

"But it felt lovely, because we're a family that had, up until then, moved around the whole time," Kiera continued. "I feel frazzled right now because we're trapped in the house with Covid, but if you talk to me in about two weeks time, I'll see it with rose-tinted glasses again."

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