Adele Accused of Stealing an Independent Artist's Style for New Album '30'

An artist named Xiomara claims 7 songs off the British star's 15-track album are similars to her songs from her self-written and self-produced album 'Sistas'.

AceShowbiz - An unsigned artist named Xiomara is not a fan of Adele's new album "30". The independent artist claimed that the "Easy on Me" hitmaker copied her sound and image and even used her as a muse for her latest album.

Taking to her Twitter account, Xiomara shared a video comparing Adele's "Hold On" to her own song titled "Barbara", which was released on July 16. Insinuating that the British star stole her style, Xiomara wrote in the caption, "Hold tf on #Adele... NOT COOL."

Not stopping there, the independent artist claimed that it wasn't the only song which Adele allegedly copied from hers. She believed 7 songs off 15-track "30" were similars to her songs from her self-written and self-produced album "Sistas".

In a separate tweet, Xiomara accused Adele of robbing her fashion aesthetic. She shared a picture of Adele donning an orange turtleneck and a leather jacket for "30" promotional picture. The look was identical to what she wore in an Instagram on March 13, 2020.

Her tweets garnered mixed reactions from Twitter users. Some people rallied around Xiomara, with one writing, "Xiomara is a Black independent singer & songwriter who's documented on her ig the blatant 'inspiration' Adele took on this new album. Lyrics, melodies, visuals. It's undeniably similar & she needs to name & pay @graceboogie."

Another person tweeted, "If these albums were both in the workds at the same time at any point before completion it is very possibe a few tracks could have been referenced because someone from R&D stumbled on it. I wouldn't sat it's Adele's f**k up, but her team's." Someone else said, "@Adele and team stole a lot of musical concepts, rifts, and chords from a Black woman artist named Xiomara. And let's say, I'm not okay."

However, some others defended the "Someone Like You" singer. "The chord progressions and style of music are not even unique to adele or xiomara. u could find tons of artists with similar songs and themes 30 years ago. besides the xiomara songs are not even that similar to Adele's," one fan said.

Slamming Xiomara, someone else wrote, "What lyrics are the same? I listened to both album. Only maybe one chord in one song is similar and it's typical chord for a song in that genre, so I'm genuinely confused here. We take artistic theft seriousy, esp stealing from POC, but I just don't hear it."

Adele has yet to comment on the accusations.

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