The 'Maleficent' star reveals to have watched the footage as part of her research for the birth scene in season two of historical Hulu comedy 'The Great' since she has yet to have children of her own.

AceShowbiz - "Maleficent" star Elle Fanning is "scarred" after seeing footage of her mother giving birth to her older sister, Dakota Fanning.

"The Great" actress, who plays Catherine the Great in the historical Hulu comedy, doesn't have any children of her own but wanted to get the season two birth scene just right. So she consulted a midwife and watched footage of women delivering their babies, including one clip that was very close to home.

"I have a tape of my mother giving birth to my sister, and she didn't have any drugs or anything. So it's scarred in my brain of what that's like," she told Entertainment Weekly.

But she couldn't watch a tape of her own birth, because there was a natural disaster happening at the time. "I was born during a tornado, so they couldn't video when I was born because the hospital was in lockdown - which is very fitting, I think," she explained.

Although the third season of the show hasn't yet been confirmed, Elle, who stars in the show opposite Brit Nicholas Hoult, admitted she'd like to try her hand at directing an episode. "I've thought about it. It would be fun. I could boss Nick around once and for all," she quipped.

And Elle already has one suggestion for future seasons. "Have you seen the real Catherine the Great's furniture? Oh my God. It's literally carved with penises and vaginas. I want that furniture in there. Tony (McNamara, creator and writer), get the furniture in. It's so good," she laughed.

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