Adele Says New Song 'To Be Loved' Is Too Painful for Her to Sing Live

The 'Easy On Me' singer names the most emotional song in her new album '30' and gets candid as to why she probably will never perform the heartbreak track live.

AceShowbiz - Don't expect to hear "To Be Loved" when Adele finally returns to touring because the new song is too painful for her to sing live.

The tune is the penultimate track on the Brit's new album, "30", and she admits it's the one song from her heartbreak collection she won't be performing onstage.

"I've only really sung it a few times and definitely can't even listen to it without getting emotional," she tells the Spout podcast. "So I will not be performing that one live."

During the interview with host Tamara Dia, Adele also opened up about her unlikely friendship with rapper Drake, revealing she often touches base with him to get his opinion on her songs in progress.

"We always talk about work stuff and get each other's opinions on it," Adele shared. "It's one of the reasons I love being friends with him, because being able to have access to someone that really does know a lot of what it's like to be you and stuff like that... I've certainly confided in him about how I want to do things."

Adele is also having second thoughts about touring her new album because many of the songs were inspired by the heartache following her divorce - and she feels she's a long way past the pain and doesn't want to risk returning to that low in her life.

"My brain is bloody on fire right now," she says. "My brain is happy and it's fed and it's calm and it's hard work to get that off, you know, after a divorce. So yeah, I've definitely put all my effort into that and I think maybe it's just my good brain that radiates now."

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