Rapper Casanova Enters Not Guilty Plea in Attempted Murder Case

The emcee, real name Caswell Senior, has been in jail after he turned himself in to the New York Police Department's Midtown South Precinct on December 2 following the October incident.

AceShowbiz - Casanova is maintaining his innocence. The "Get The Strap" rapper, who has been charged with attempted murder and assault with a dangerous weapon in aid of racketeering, reportedly pleaed not guilty to the charges.

The emcee, whose real name is Caswell Senior, was slapped with the charges earlier this month. The indicment stemmed from an incident that took place in front of King of Diamonds on October 24, 2020.

At that time, Casanova and one of his co-defendant Jarrett "Jayecee" Crisler Jr. had an altercation with a member of the Crips. The Crip allegedly had taken offense to gang signs being used by the rapper and Jarrett. The latter, who is a Florida-based member of the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation, allegedly pulled his gun and shot their rivals.

Casanova later turned himself in to the New York Police Department's Midtown South Precinct on December 2 that year. However, has pled not guilty to charges of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances and firearms possession, as well as conspiracy to commit racketeering.

About the additional charges, his attorney James Kousouros claimed they were not surprised with the indicment. "We had been informed that the government intended to supersede the existing indictment and add charges against Mr. Senior," James told XXL in a statement.

"This was expected. We have been investigating the incidents charged for months and Mr. Senior fully intends to contest these charges at a trial. He is confident of his exoneration," the lawyer added. "He surrendered voluntarily when he learned of the indictment last year. He did not run or hide. He looks forward to his day in court."

Casanova himself has pleaded with fans to believe that he is innocent. In an Instagram post shared in October, he penned, "I'm the same individual that went to city hall and housing projects with @ericadamsfornyc to speak to children and explain to them how shootings and gun violence isn't the way of life."

"I've visited shelters to feed the people in need all around the world including Africa, donated to back to school drives and not one of my good deeds are mentioned or acknowledged. I'm calling on all the great people with meaningful and powerful voices to help me with this matter," he added. "Any help provided will be a blessing, because I feel defeated one's past shouldn't be the reason why you can't be afforded a successful future."

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