Larry Hoover Jr. Believes There's 'No Reason' for Young Dolph to Be Shot and Murdered

The son of Chicago street Gangster Disciples' founder insists that the 'Water on Water on Water' spitter 'shouldn't be' killed as he's 'the one who could help take people out of the street.'

AceShowbiz - Larry Hoover Jr. has weighed in on tragic Young Dolph's murder. The son of Larry Hoover, the gang leader and co-founder of the Chicago street gang Gangster Disciples, insisted that there's "no reason" for the "100 Shots" rapper to be murdered in the streets.

During an interview with "Murder Master Music Show" published on Thursday, November 18, the son of Hoover, also known as "King Larry," praised Dolph as saying, "He stands out in the community. He made it." He then pointed out, "There's no reason for him to be murdered in the streets! He's the one who could help take people out of the streets. We shouldn't be taking guys out of the community who have been helping the community."

"We don't need Young Dolph situations. These guys should be superstars that we can love and look up to, you know?" Hoover Jr. explained further. He added, "We don't need any more of those [street murdery], period!"

Hoover Jr. then admitted that Dolph once "met [his] mother" though he hadn't met him. He went on to say, "Regardless of that we don't need any, you know, any of that to happen...not from entertainers, not from young men in the streets."

"Those guys should be there to make changes. They shouldn't be down over street beats, music beef or whatever it is," Hoover Jr. elaborated. He then concluded, "You know, we should love them and they should get love back."

Dolph was shot and killed in Memphis, Tennessee on Wednesday, November 17. He was shopping inside a cookie store when some gunmen opened fire. His lawyer and friend Scott Hall said that Dolph was in town for his annual Thanksgiving giveaway, which was scheduled in his old neighborhood on Wednesday afternoon. The "Water on Water on Water" spitter planned to head to the event right after visiting the cookie store.

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