Adele Scores Rave Reviews With New Album '30' Following Early Listen

The 'Easy On Me' singer has earned five-star reviews from music critics following an early listen ahead of the upcoming official release on November 19.

AceShowbiz - Adele's highly-anticipated album "30", which documents her split from ex-husband Simon Konecki, has garnered largely five-star reviews from critics.

The British singer is gearing up to drop the record on Friday (19Nov21), with music reviewers given an early listen on Wednesday.

Following the previews, the response has echoed that to her comeback single "Easy On Me" and been overwhelmingly positive, with many praising Adele for being so brutally honest about her divorce through her music.

"Adele's much-heralded new album is set to be all-conquering, if you ever had any doubt," The Telegraph's Neil McCormick wrote. "Grappling with guilt, shame and insecurity over her recent divorce yet infused with a life-affirming sense of liberation, self-forgiveness and burgeoning new romance, Adele Adkins has made what might just be the most potent everywoman album since Carole King's 1971 classic Tapestry."

"Although 30 is at times the rawest and most sobering of the records she's made to date, it also manages conversely to be the most fun, in its emotionally rattling fashion, as Adele mixes it up with an array of producers and stylistic pastiches to arrive at something that has a sense of play to go with all the sadness and self-laceration," Variety's Chris Willman adds. "It's a kick in the pants as well as a solid cry. And the fact that it feels a little messier than her other albums is all the more fitting for a trip through a divorce court of the mind."

The Los Angeles Times' Mikael Wood wondered whether sales of Adele's new record will be affected by streaming - as it's been six years since she dropped an album - but added, "Until people stop breaking one another's hearts, we'll keep needing ugly-cry ballads - and nobody does those better than Adele."

One of the only outlets to give "30" a more mixed review was music stalwart NME, which awarded it three out of five stars. However, critic El Hunt acknowledged, "The devastating level of honesty means that, despite its more experimental moments, 30 still winds up feeling like trademark Adele, in its own way, most of the time. And after fair accusations of playing it safe musically in the past, it's refreshing to see the pop titan treading braver territory - even if the hit-rate isn't 100 per cent."

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