Jade Thirlwall Determined to Do More for Gay Fans After Being 'Basic B*tch' Ally

The Little Mix singer wants to become a better ally for LGBTQ community after years of enjoying their company but not doing enough to advocate for their rights.

AceShowbiz - Little Mix star Jade Thirlwall is determined to become a real ally for her gay fans after spending years just enjoying their company.

The singer admits it has become more and more apparent the girl group has a big LGBTQ+ fan base, and now she wants to do more than show up and perform for them.

"If you're going to benefit from a fan base, you have to show them exactly that you support them and you stand with them, no matter what," she tells Interview magazine.

"I would say, up until maybe five years ago, I was what I would call a 'basic b**ch' ally. As in, I would go to the gay bars, I was there, doing the thing, and I was obviously an ally of some sort, but I wasn't doing enough to advocate or really show what allyship truly meant (sic)."

"That kind of dawned on me, the more I received letters from fans or DMs (direct messages) and social media messages, and that helped spur me on to do it properly, to be more of an ally-activist, work with the right charities, say more, and use our platform for the better. I feel like I can always be better, so I'm constantly trying to learn more about history."

And she insists her Arab background makes her stance on gay rights all the more impactful, "Around the world, we have fans in territories where there still needs to be a lot of progress. For me, coming from an Arab background, it's really important to show fans that they have somebody to fight for them, and give them something to embrace and love, and help them feel good about themselves."

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