Madonna Bans Fans and Friends From Touching Wardrobe Collection Without Gloves

The 'Like a Virgin' hitmaker tells fellow celebrity Kim Kardashian that anyone who wants to touch her outfit archive in New York has to wear rubber gloves.

AceShowbiz - Madonna won't let anyone touch her old clothes without wearing rubber gloves.

The "Material Girl" hitmaker has kept all her iconic outfits from her lengthy career, and anyone who wants to see her "archive" must wear the right protection to avoid damaging any of the garments.

In a teaser for the upcoming "Madame X: Madame Xtra" Q&A documentary spin-off, Kim Kardashian West asks "queen Madonna," "Do you have all of your award show and music video wardrobe? And... can I wear something one day?"

The 63-year-old singer was delighted with the question and responded, "That's so cute. I, of course, have a fashion archive. It's in Brooklyn. You have to wear rubber gloves to touch anything."

The "Madame Xtra" special will serve as a companion piece to Madonna's "Madame X" documentary, which was released on Paramount+ earlier this month (Oct21).

The "Ray of Light" singer previously admitted she felt uncomfortable at the idea of watching the documentary because she hates seeing herself on screen.

Back in 2019, she said, "I've seen bits and pieces from it. I sort of gag when I watch it, 'cause I'm like, 'Oh my God, I can't.' It's hard to watch myself do anything. I can't even stand to watch myself in concert, like my last tour."

The "Madame X" documentary details the singer's battles with hip and knee injuries, which forced her to cancel several of her concerts on her 75-date tour.

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