California Suing Kanye West's Yeezy Brand Over Shipping Delays
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In a lawsuit filed by the state of California, it is alleged that the 'Hurricane' spitter-owned fashion business has 'repeatedly violated' the state's business code.

AceShowbiz - The demand for Kanye West's Yeezy products is apparently so high that they fail to deliver in time. While die-hard fans of the clothing line, which is known for its drapey fits and modern silhouettes, are more than willing to wait for the items to arrive, the state of California is taking it seriously as it has filed a lawsuit against the company.

The lawsuit was filed on Friday, October 22. According to legal documents, the "Gold Digger" hitmaker-owned fashion business has allegedly "repeatedly violated" the state's business code by "failing to ship items within thirty days and failing to provide adequate delay notices to California consumers, or provide an offer of a refund."

Under California's business code, companies are required to ship items which are purchased online within 30 days. If they aren't, the merchant must provide a refund, or pursue another of several prescribed remedies, including issuing a delay notice.

The lawsuit claims Ye's company failed to give customers adequate delay notices on items than hadn't shipped within 30 days. The suit also alleges that Yeezy "made untrue or misleading statement regarding its ability to ship products within a certain timeframe, particularly where customers paid an additional charge for expedited shipping."

The suit was filed by in Los Angeles County Superior Court by the State of California via L.A. County District Attorney George Gascon. The district attorneys of Alameda, Napa and Sonoma counties are also listed in the suit.

The district attorneys are seeking a judgment that would permanently restrain West’s companies from repeating the alleged practices. They additionally are requesting that Yeezy be fined "$2,500 for each violation" and pay "restitution on behalf of affected consumers."

Yeezy items, which include a wide range of collections from sneakers to sweatshirt, are often rapidly sold out when they are first launched despite their high prices. The shoes designs also often drew polarized opinions from fans and critics.

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