'RHOP' Star Candiace Dillard 'Flabbergasted' Over Rumors She Has 'Fist Fight' With Nicki Minaj

During a new interview, the Bravo personality also reflects on the SaladGate involving her and newcomer Mia Thornton, denying rumors that she throws salad during their fight.

AceShowbiz - Fans of "The Real Housewives of Potomac" have been waiting for season 6 reunion special. In addition to featuring a surprise appearance from Nicki Minaj, rumors have it that it will also see the raptress having a showdown with cast member Candiace Dillard. The latter, however, sets the record straight in a new interview.

While stopping by E News' "Daily Pop" on Tuesday, October 26, Candiace said, "There are rumors that Nicki and I got into a fist fight--Where? Where on god's green earth?" She went on to say, "I'm flabbergasted that people are making up these rumors."

She also addressed the reports that the "Anaconda" hitmaker was particularly tough on her compared to the other Housewives. "She definitely came hard for everyone," the "Drive Back" singer shared. "I will say, I thought she was going to be really hard on me because of the way she was kind of talking on social media, so I was prepared. But when she came in, she didn't start with me so I kind of got to see what she was going to give. And I said, 'Okay, this is about to be a fun match.' "

Candiace even praised Nicki, who claimed to be a super fan of the show, for his hosting abilities. "She was so involved in every aspect of our show," the reality TV star raved. "She knew details from season one, nuances that the biggest superfans don't know. She was invested. It was riveting."

During the interview, Candiace also reflected on the SaladGate involving her and newcomer Mia Thornton. Of rumors that she threw salad during the fight earlier this month, she clarified, "Let's be clear, I didn't throw salad, I threw a piece of lettuce." She added, "Mia took that giant head and threw salad at me, okay? And if you watch it--because I watched it back--she thought about it...I threw the lettuce across the room and we were arguing."

Recalling the crazy moment, Candiace added, "She stood there and was looking at the lettuce and was thinking to herself, 'I'm gonna give myself a moment. Here, let me throw this lettuce at her,' and she threw it. And it became a thing. Then I picked up and threw lettuce back."

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